Arunachal: Nabam files PIL against Tapir Gao, Tapir ready to challenge

Social activist Nabam Tagam filed a PIL in against BJP state president Tapir Gao seeking CBI probe on his properties,  Tapir said all allegations are base less, and he is ready to challenge it in the court. 



A Public interest litigation (PIL) was filed in Gauhati high court by the Social activist, Nabam Tagam, who is also the general secretary Arunachal Justice Forum  seeking probe against Incumbent BJP, President, Tapir Gao for possessing disproportionate asset worth of  crores against his known sources of income.

Nabam Tagam  informed this to the media in a press conference addressed by him at press club this afternoon.

Nabam  stated that, Gao allegedly amassed movable and immovable wealth worth of crores in rupees during his tenure as President Youth Congress, Member of Parliament, and BJP President since 1995 to present day.

Referring to RTI documents,  Nabam  alleged  that on 27, 08, 1982, a land measuring 3895. 5 sq meters was approved by government for construction of district Library and information centre at D-Sector, Naharlagun. However the complainant alleged that the Gao using his position as chief of youth congress at that time allegedly obtained allotment of land about 300 meters overlapping the already allotted land to the department in his wife’s name.

Clarifying that he don’t have any objection over the land allotment, however citing a complaint letter of concern department sent to Gao Wife’s to remove the infrastructures along with septic tank on the pathway to office premises, Nabam lamented that it is illegal to encroached government land beyond the allotted land which now reduced  the breadth of approach road to office impassable even for a light motor vehicle.

Knowing that the concern authority will not initiate action because of political power being occupied by Gao, Tagar informed that he again wrote a complained letter  on June 20 last to state Chief Vigilance Commissioner to constitute an inquiry committee to find out the source of the income of Gao while also demanding immediate demolition of the illegal structure.

Alleging that concerned vigilance officials could not initiate action due to undue pressure from Gao, Nabam informed with no option left they had to knock the door of the court to seek justice.

Talikng about Gao other properties , Nabam  alleged that Gao also encroached the land of Ruksin range Forest office where he constructed a multi storey market complex without obtaining Land allotment Certificate(LAC).

Nabam  disclosed,   there is no land allotment Certificate (LPC) attached with the document they obtained through RTI  except a trading license being used to occupy the said land as per record.

He also alleged  that Gao after becoming BJP state Chief in a span of few years constructed a multi-storeyed Bungalow in the state capital by misusing the government schemes and amassed wealth of  about  20 crores which he alleged  did not tally with his known sources of income as per record.

Further stating that they he is  not against any individual or present government however demanded CBI inquiry to scrutinize Gao source of income and how he amassed crores of wealth in a span of few years.

Tapir Gao Reactions-

Meanwhile responding to the allegation of possessing disproportionate asset, state Bhartiya Janata Party, President, Tapir Gao while refuting the allegations as baseless clarified that all his properties was accumulated through proper channel and following all required land allotment formalities.

Calling the allegation as “shocking” and “unfounded “, Gao said “he is clean and ready to challenge the claim made by AJF, general Secretary, Nabam Tagam  in court by bringing all required documents to prove his innocence in the matter.

“All the properties I have today are built up with hard work without misusing the constitutional office or political power,” he clarified. Furthyer Gao said that  all of the properties that Nabam  accusing of obtained using political power was already build up long before he become the Member of Parliament and President of state BJP.

Gao also request the media houses that Media should enquire and find out the truth of the allegations  levelled  to him by Nabam Tagam.


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