Arunachal: MMJRMC raises concern over irregularities on MMJ road construction

writes complaint against PWD dept and Puna Hinda

PASIGHAT ( ByMaksam Tayeng) While raising serious concern over the irregularities on construction of Mirem-Mikong-Jonai road under 37th Pasighat West Assembly Constituency, the Mirem Mikong Jonai Road Monitoring Committee has once again lodged a complaint against PWD department of East Siang District division and Puna Hinda firm at office of the Dy. Commissioner, Pasighat today.


 In its complaint letter, MMJRMC has squarely blamed and alleged the work construction monitoring department of PWD, Pasighat and Puna Hinda firm carrying out the project of gross irregularities in the road construction by not following the DPR of the project. As per specification, the road embankment should have been 12.85 mtrs in width, but apparently the embankment portion is nowhere constructed.

The work executed by the concern firm/contractor seems to be dealing with a sub-grade portion of the road bypassing the embankment and formation layer of the road. Moreover, the said layer is constructed without excavation, earth works, earth fillings and proper compaction.

Arunachal: MMJRMC raises concern over irregularities on MMJ road construction

Furthermore, even the layering of river bed materials is done out of proportion, the construction agency has dumped un-sized and unspecified materials (700-800 mm) size boulders to cover up the whole process, which in turn have created deep voids in the subgrade layer and will eventually be the sole reason for potholes and cracks on the road, said MMJRMC in the complaint letter.

 The embankment and subgrade portion of the road is considered as the foundational structure or main foundation of road construction. In the instant case, the contractor concerned has defied all the basic structural processes of road construction, which need to be taken seriously for safety and precautionary measures.

 The committee has also alleged that the MMJ road construction agency has not deployed standard machinery and equipment in the construction site, which is a major concern for time-bound completion of the said project. For instance, CK-90 Hydraulic excavator (Fokland) is specified for excavation and earth works but instead, short arm backhoe loader (JCB) is being used compromising the quality of works.

Whereas on the other hand, after excavation and earth fillings in subgrade layer, motor graders ought to be used for leveling the surface of the road but here too, sub- standard machines like backhoe loader (JCB) is being used for leveling works thereby compromising with the work quality, added MMJRMC.

 While appealing the DC Pasighat to direct the concerned firm Puna Hinda and PWD to rectify the erroneous construction within a week, the MMJRMC Chairman, Jacob Paron has also cited many other anomalies in the entire process of road construction by the firm wherein site engineers, machineries/equipments, vehicle used for gravel and boulder transportation etc are not at par the tender documents.

Meanwhile, Paron has also informed that, the team MMJRMC will file Public Interest litigation (PIL) against the officials of executing agency (PWD deptt) and Puna Hinda firm while also resorting to phase wise democratic movements at Ruksin check gate, the gateway of East Siang district, if authorities concerned overlook the serious anomalies on the said road construction and fails to check it.


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