Arunachal: Massive landslide between Hunli and Anini in Dibang Valley

A video that surfaced online showed a wide and deep cut in the road with a continuous flow of rainwater.

ANINI-   A massive landslide triggered by heavy rain occurred on Wednesday at the highway between Hunli and Anini in Arunachal Pradesh, causing a deep cut in the road and disrupting the route connecting Dibang Valley, which has a border with China, officials said on Thursday.

Officials further said the landslides occurred around 5 pm on Wednesday due to water accumulation on slopes of hills along the highway.


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Arunachal CM Pema Khandu has directed administration to restore the connectivity expeditiously.

In a tweet, CM wrote, “Disturbed to learn the inconvenience being caused to commuters due to the extensive damage to the highway between Hunli and Anini. Instructions have been issued to restore the connectivity at the earliest as this road connects Dibang Valley to the rest of the country”.

A video that surfaced online showed a wide and deep cut in the road with a continuous flow of rainwater. Around Thursday noon, a portion of the road was temporarily repaired, allowing slight vehicle movement.

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Meanwhile, the state government has issued a travel advisory, indicating that the restoration efforts will span at least three days.
“All residents of Dibang Valley are informed that due to continuous rain in the district, an important part of NH 313 connecting Anini to Roing has been washed away on 24/04/2024, restoration of which is estimated to take at least 3 (three days). Hence, all concerns are advised till the road is restored and rain returns to normal,” the statement read.

Dibang Valley, the largest district in Arunachal Pradesh, boasts the lowest population density in India. It shares its borders with Tibet and China to the northwest, north, and east, bordering Lower Dibang Valley in the south and Upper Siang District in the southwest.

The region, characterised by a temperate climate, is adorned with verdant mountains, abundant rainfall, rushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, and vibrant wildlife.

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The area is home to diverse bird species, roaming wild animals, and secluded Idu hamlets. Residents adorned in colourful attire engage in singing, dancing, and hunting while upholding ancient customs and traditions.

The district is renowned for its rich biodiversity, including medicinal plants like Coptis Teeta (Eroh) and Taxus Bacata.

Positioned in the northeastern most corner of Arunachal Pradesh, Dibang Valley spans between 95°15’E and 96°35’E Longitudes, and 28°22’N and 29°27’N Latitudes.


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