Arunachal: Mass awareness campaign for plastic free Palin

HYG organised a Mass awareness campaign for plastic free Palin and also demands strictly ban on use plastic bags.


A mass awareness campaign was organised on Saturday at New Palin in Kra Daadi district by Hinda-I Youth Group (HYG) to get rid of accumulation of garbage and to avoid plastic from day to day life and to become plastic free.

It was first of its kind in the township initiated by its President and General Secretary Takam Rikam and Byabang Nehru. Around 280 volunteers and students of various schools of the area attended and take part in the awareness programme.

Palin, Hr. Sec School JT Likha Aney delivered her motivational speech as a resource Person at the awareness program.

HYG, General Secretary Byabang Nehru who supervised at Main Market in Palin township and he urge upon all officers and officials present on the occasion to work jointly to prevent plastic pollution in the area. He also appeal Deputy Commissioner to issue necessary direction for banning plastic in the district.

Nehru further appeal all Publics, Business communities and Bazaar Committees and Seniors of Palin town to avoid use of plastic bags and support us to make Clean Palin and Green Palin.

HYG also submitted a memorandum demanding  Strictly ban on use plastic bags. Evict stray animals of Palin Town, Immediately allot land for Dumping ground of garbage and waste materials at near by Palin town.


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