Arunachal: Locals worried after Siang river turns muddy

According to officials, the river, the state's main waterway, changed colour and became muddy three days ago.

PASIGHAT- The water in Arunachal’s Siang river has become muddy, indicating likely building activity in upstream China, officials said, alarmed people in the border state.


According to officials, the river, the state’s main waterway, changed colour and became muddy three days ago.

“Mud is running in the water, which is unusual given that the region has had no rain in the last few days. We are monitoring the situation with the assistance of water resources department authorities “Tayi Taggu, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of East Siang, remarked.

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Taggu speculated that China, where the river is known as the Yarlung Tsangpo, may have engaged in “earth-cutting of some kind,” resulting in muck flowing in the river. “Construction appears to be taking place upstream of the river, which originates in China.

Landslides in the upper reaches could also be a contributing factor “The DC stated. Fishermen and people who rely on the river for agriculture are concerned about the rapid shift in colour of Siang water.

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“The high concentration of slag in the water may harm aquatic life. Farmers also get their water from the river. Our domestic animals also drink river water. We are concerned that this will have an influence on many people’s livelihoods “Migom Pertin, a Pasighat resident, stated.

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Previously, the river had become muddy on several occasions. The river had turned black in December 2017, causing concern in the state. At the time, Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu personally observed the river’s status and recommended that the Centre look into the situation. India then raised the issue with China.


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