Arunachal: How Garbage is polluting “Ranganadi”- report by a citizen reporter


Here is a report by  Arunachal24 Citizen Reporter Dukhum Jitu,  exposing how ” Ranganadi ” has been polluted due to illegal dumping of garbage by the residents of Yazali.

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From the News Desk.

River pollution has turned to be a global problem. The illegal dumping of household waste near the river or on the bank or river  has become a huge environmental problem . People dump their waste illegally for a number of reasons. They may be trying to avoid disposal fees, or may simply be too lazy to make the effort to dispose of their garbage properly.

Not only does illegal dumping destroy the environment and harm plants and animals, it also has a number of other negative effects on society. If garbage is dumped  near the river or on the bank or river , and in an area accessible to the public – for fishing,  refreshing, then people can be exposed to health and injury risks.

The clean-up of illegally dumped garbage costs governments and tax-payers, lakhs of rupees per year. This money could be better used in the preservation and care of the environment, rather than in the clean-up of completely preventable and thoughtless dumping.

If you care about the environment even a little, then you would never consider illegal dumping as a method of waste disposal. Rather, take the extra time and deliver your trash directly to a dump or tip, even if it costs a little more.



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