Arunachal: Governor visits Vijoynagar

To have firsthand knowledge about the challenges, the Governor along with his wife Mrs Neelam Misra visited the local area.


Reaching out to the people, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Brig. (Dr.) B.D. Mishra (Retd.) went around the Vijoynagar area on 30th August 2019 and on the following day, he visited the Danodi Basti (Village) away from the main village.

To have firsthand knowledge about the challenges, the Governor along with his wife Mrs Neelam Misra visited the local area. He interacted with Siyecha Yobin and his wife Mrs Achibo on 31st August and familiarised with the home and health of the local community.

They reiterated about the escalating cost of basic commodities due to non-existence of vehicular road communication to the remote administrative headquarters.

The Governor apprised them that the State Government is expediting the construction of road from Miao to Vijoynagar. On his part, he has already taken up the Miao-Vijoynagar Road issue with concerned authorities.

The Governor assured that he will be personally monitoring the construction of the road and avail expertise from the Border Road Organization and other technical institutions to circumvent the difficulties, any and all in this road construction process.

While visiting one of the Girls’ Residential school, which has 32 inmates, the Governor found only two functional toilets in use. The Governor directed R.K. Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Changlang to have extra two toilets constructed for them at the earliest.

The internal tracks or roads in the area, between the villages are non-existent. The Governor directed the Deputy Commissioner to use local manpower, on daily wage basis to get the tracks remade.

The students who are 713 in number complained of non-availability of teachers. The Governor directed the Education Department to explore the possibility of engaging local Adhoc teachers for the schools.

The art and craft of the local inhabitants are unique. One such novelty is hemp yarns weaving which they saw being uniquely practised amongst the Yubin community. The Governor called for preserving the age old practice. Such age-old practice has to be revived for socio-financial empowerment of the people, particularly the womenfolk.  Mrs Achibo Yobin and her 80 years old mother-in-law briefed and demonstrated the process of hemp weaving to the First Lady through an interpreter.

The people of Vijoynagar expressed their gratitude to the Governor and the First Lady of the State for their visit and said that it is for the first time that a Governor has stayed with them.


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