Arunachal: Gabriel D Wangsu terms Bordumsa’s as mini India

Mr Wangsu was addressing the festive lovers and multi-tribe inhabited people of Bordumsa Diyun during the Tangsa Moh-Mol festival....

BORDUMSA-   Appreciating the bond of continued affection and good wills among the people of multiple communities of Bordumsa-Diyun, Gabriel D Wangsu, MLA Kanubari expressed satisfaction terming Bordumsa as mini India.

Mr Wangsu was addressing the festive lovers and multi-tribe inhabited people of Bordumsa Diyun during the Tangsa Moh-Mol festival organised at By Bordumsa’s Wagun Ponthai village in Changlang district on Tuesday afternoon.


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‘Once we tend to ignore our own rich cultural heritage and derail ourselves from the track of the culture and tradition, we are sure to invite our doomsday’ said Gabriel D Wangsu one of the outspoken legislators of Arunachal’s 58 Assembly Constituency of Kanubari in Longding district.

The legislator was accompanied by local MLA Somlung Mossang, the ADC Bordumsa Oling Lego, two ZPMs of the constituency, EAC Diyun, Singpho women leaders including Pisilu Singpho and Kaidim Singpho, Inem Gam Singpho etc on the dice.

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Reiterating the cultural significance of celebrating the Tangsa Moh Mol -an agricultural festival, Mr Wangsu with several interesting examples said that greater responsibility lies with the youth section in particularly to properly inherit the rich legacy and carry forward dignity and honour of their respective traditions to prolong its life in the days to come.

Arunachal: Gabriel D Wangsu terms Bordumsa's as mini India

‘No culture of any society teaches us to adopt drug addiction or disrespect the elders as we see today rampant in modern day society but the menace of addictions or undesirable habits and morale degradation have posed a threat to society and culture’, said legislator Wangsu which needs to be pondered seriously, he added.

Mr Wangsu also lauded the local MLA Somlung Mossang for his qualities and virtues of securing mass affection by the people of all strata cutting across all discriminations.

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Meanwhile, local MLA Somlung Mossang offering Moh Mol greetings to the gathering said that festival aims at building good wills amongs all sections of the society while protecting and preserving one’s own rich culture and traditions.

What is the most vital aspect of the celebrating the festival today is the mass participation of well wishers belonging to various communities including the Singpho, Adivasi, Chakma, Hajong, Deori, Ahom Sonowal Kachari etc with noteworthy zeal and enthusiasm.

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The display of cultural spirits and gaiety by various by Tangsa brethren and sisters and its sub tribes greatly entertained the people. The traditional rituals and offering prayers to the deities and traditional folk dance etc were a few significant episodes that stole the moments.

Meanwhile, the Tangsa Moh Mol festival was celebrated at various locations of Changlang districts including Kharsang, Jairampur, Changlang and Bordumsa with a day long agenda of various activities of socio-cultural significance.


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