Arunachal: Field training on Wild Edible Plants held at Dobum village

ITANAGAR-   A one-day training and awareness programme on promotion for cultivation of wild edible plants of Arunachal Pradesh was organized at Dobum village in Papum Pare district on 11th Dec., 2021 under a DST –SEED division funded project Investigated by Professor Binay Singh and Dr. P. R Gajurel, Department of Forestry NERIST


Introducing the programme Prof. Binay Singh who is subject expert on Horticulture elaborated the importance of cultivation and management of the various wild edible plants having nutritional and market potential introduction of the training.

He also highlighted the potential of cultivation of various horticultural crops like Guava, Baer, Orange, Pinnaple, Banana etc in the state to promote economic gain.  Dr. P. R. Gajurel, Associate Professor of the Department explained the prospects and potential of some high value selected species used as vegetable and fruits in the state.

He has highlighted the present needs of management and conservation of these valuable resources for fulfilment of nutritional and market demand and for socio economic development. The nursery and field technique for cultivation and management of these wild edible plants have also been elaborated in the programme.

Dr. Soyala Kashung,   Mr. Pinaki Adhikary, Ms Tage Yakang, and Ms Rimi Barman, Research Scholars provided the field techniques on planting and cultivation of wild edible plants like Piper pedicellatum, Piper longum, Clerodendrum glandolosum, Eryingium foetidum etc.

The object of the programme is to capacity building for women folks on management, sustainable utilization and marketing of wild edible plants. A total 30 participant registered in the programme and participated in the field teqniques. A training manual for few selected species was also provided. At the end of the session, seedlings of a few species ware also distributed for plantation in their home gardens.

During the past two years the organizer from the Department of Forestry conducted about 10 such different programme covering different districts of the state on  bio-resources management, horticultural plants like guava and baer, wild vegetable plants, medicinal plants  bamboo species etc. for the benefits of farming communities of the state. It is pertinent to mention here that the state Arunachal Pradesh has a huge potential for management and cultivation of the valuable wild plant resources in virtue of its diversified agro-climatic condition and rich bioresources.


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