Arunachal: FAM Tour for Cultural Guide Training participants concludes at Ziro

Altogether 30 participants have an exposure to the Rural Tourism, Community based tourism.

ZIRO- Study cum FAM Tour for participants who have attended the Cultural Guide Training at Miao for the unemployed youths of eastern Arunachal concluded today was organized by the Department of Tourism, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, HRD cell.  Altogether 30 participants have an exposure to the Rural Tourism, Community based tourism.


The Ngul Chullyu organization spearheading the first of its Agro Tourism village at Chulyu village under Lower Subansiri district hosted the participants enabling them to experience the Ziro waste management initiatives process about maintaining MRF which was earlier supported by Tourism Department, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh and Royal Enfield. Next day early morning the participants have trekked the Orange trekking, an initiatives of the communities at chullyu village.

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Meanwhile during the tour the participants were taken to Apatani villages and interact with local people and interpreted them the importance of cultural and traditions practices. Later the participants were also able to see the erection of Babo in Dutta village pre-preparation for Myoko festival. The tour was hosted by the local NGO ‘Ngunu Ziro’.

On second day the participants were trekked to Pange camp of Tale Wildlife sanctuary  where were exposed to one of most unique Orchids trail where the more than 100 different orchids species are translocate in natural habitat in the sanctuary.

 The participants also had the opportunity to take part ‘Myoko edition of Ziro Bird Walk’ which became the talked of the town in the conservation context. The bird walk were held in Siikhe lake home of migratory birds where the more than 60 numbers of three different species i.e. Northern Shoveler, Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Pintail.

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The participants were also taken to the newly established ‘Ziro Butterfly Park ‘ and also interpreted them the importance of plantation of  nectering and host plants in the park. Ziro Bird Walk is organized monthly event organized by Arunachal Pradesh Birding Club and Ziro Birding Club since 2019.

The entire tour for the Cultural guides of Eastern Arunachal was supported by Ngul Chullyu ,of Chullyu village, Ngunu Ziro of Ziro valley and while returning back to Home the lunch was hosted at Ka-ngam Homestay a renowned homestay at Yazali.


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