Arunachal:  DDSE completes first phase touring programme to schools of East Siang dist

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- With a purpose to garner a firsthand knowledge on the positions and conditions of schools in the district, Odhuk Tabing, Dy. Director of School Education, East Siang district, Pasighat conducted a 6 day long touring programme to schools of East Siang district in his first phase tour and covered 41 schools.

 OdhukTabing completed his first phase of an extensive touring programme today covering three educational blocks of the district. In the first phase of the 6 -Day touring programme 41 schools of the three Educational Blocks were covered. The tour ended with the visit of the Pasighat Block today. The main theme of the tour programme was to have firsthand knowledge of the positions of the schools in the district.

The visit was rewarding as contemplated, said Tabing.  Apart from the physical requirements of the school like crucial learning elements -classrooms, furniture, toilet rooms, etc, the status of learning activities in the schools were also closely examined by the DDSE.

Tabing was accompanied by District Project Coordinator (DPC) Limar Boje, BEOs, BRCCs, CRCCs and the MDM Coordinator. During the school visits the team interacted with the teaching staff, SMC Members, Public leaders and other stakeholders. It was noted that almost all the schools have the same problems.

The DDSE said that the visiting officials had recorded the pressing issues placed by the schools and he promised to address the same on its highest priority. The DDSE said that all the requirements will be reflected in the AW&P, 2022 (Annual work plan and Budget). He further said that the issues will also be apprised to the higher authority after compilation of the whole findings within a few days.

Earlier today, during the visit at Govt. UPS D. Ering, the Chief Councillor, Pasighat Municipal Council, Okiyam Moyong Borang, Councillors Yalop Nyigang Yomso and Mumsi Dupak, SMC Chairman Mongol Gao, other SMC Members, public leaders and staffs had a meeting with the visiting team of DDSE.

The Chief councillor spoke at length and assured to give full cooperation to the DDSE for overhaul development of the school. She said that she has full confidence in the captaincy of the new DDSE that he would bring in palpable change in the scenario of education in the District. The Deputy Chief Councilor,  Rebeca Megu also took part in the meeting at Govt. UPS Jarku.

At the last school of the tour, GUPS Berung, the DDSE advised the teachers to follow moral values, to be punctual, sincere and hardworking and to have mutual love and respect for each other. He said that the 2nd phase of the school tour programme will be finalized soon to cover all the schools of the district in phase -wise manner. He said that the tour programme will give a full and balanced picture of the real state of affairs of the schools in the District.

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