Arunachal : Court orders to Pema Samchung to refrain from Defaming CM


The Court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Yupia has taken exception to acts of defaming Chief Minister Pema Khandu through a press conference on March 8 last by one Pema Samchung and issued orders restraining her or her representatives from doing so,  informed the CMO through a official press release.


In an order dated 9/3/18, the Court ruled that despite being aware of a pending defamation suit against her before the Court (No. 03/18), Pema Samchung went ahead with her press conference labelling false allegations against the Chief Minister, mentioned in the press release.

further the release said that ‘Khandu’s counsel had submitted before the Court that a Defamation Suit was already filed against Samchung to which the Court had served a notice dated 27/02/18 to her. Again, on Misc Application No. 24/18 filed on 6th of March 2018, the Court had issued a notice calling a response from the respondent (Samchung) as to why she should not be restraint from making further imputation against plaintiff (Khandu) thereby maligning his hard earned political and social reputation. Overlooking these notices of the Court, Samchung went ahead with another tirade of allegations against Khandu by calling a press conference, the counsel pointed”.

 “Taking into account the case at hand and subsequent development carried out by respondent knowing about the pendency of suit, I am of the view that ad interim injunction can be granted. In view of the fact as an interim measure the respondent, more particularly Pema Samchung and any of her representatives are hereby restraint from making any further defamatory statements or agitation against plaintiff till returnable date or until further order whichever is earlier,” the Court pronounced while calling for placing of the Misc case no. 24/18 along with the main suit for hearing.

The order of the Court applies not only on respondent Samchung but everybody who is party with her in defaming Khandu till final order of the Court on the pending defamation suit. Counsel informed that now on if anybody is found to be defaming Khandu through mainstream media, social media, agitation or any other means like publishing pamphlets, hoardings or wall-writings would be liable for action under law.

While pleading for the injunction order, Khandu’s counsel, on discrediting the allegations made by Samchung, had reminded the Court that the FIR lodged for the first time against the ‘plaintiff’ was on 23/12/15 (the time when there was a serious political dissidence in the state and Pema Khandu was placed on the other side) for the offence alleged to have been committed in the year 2008. Thereafter, Pema Samchung filed a petition before the Court of CJM, which was rejected on the ground of having no merit. Thereafter there was a silence for two long years and suddenly Pema Samchung knocks the door of National Commission for Women 15/2/18 on the day when the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India was visiting Itanagar. National Commission for Women also rejected her application.


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