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A  post of Arunacha’s  Beauty Queen  Model Chum Darang goes Viral in Social Media.  In her post she wrote a open letter to PM Modi and describe about the racial discrimination with the people of northeast.

Chum Darang is a welknow model belongs to Pasighat of Arunachal Pradesh  and have participated in various fashion shows.  Last year she participated in  Miss Asia Pacific World pageant was held at  Lebanon.  Chum Darang was crowned Miss Tiara India international 2017

Chum has devoted herself in numerous social causes and community services like saving the environment, women empowerment which includes upliftment of girl child in the entire state. She also runs an NGO ‘Guardian of blue marble’ which basically works for environmental issues.

Now once again she is in headlines, but not for  her shows. This time she is in discussion for her post  which is goes viral in Social Media.

Text of her post

Dear Prime Minister of India,

It’s my 2nd month in Mumbai, the city of dreams as they call it.  But my first experience in here was a bit cold because of the scenes that I had to go through.

I am a victim of racial discrimination. I know it’s a minor thing to be called a ‘problem’ but being called names and being treated as a  foreigner and getting those stares to scare us, and harass us in many ways. It’s everywhere, I was in Delhi, and I had experienced it there as well, but Mumbai?

To my brothers and sisters of India,


We can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore. Why do you call us names?

My name is not ‘momo’, ‘chow chow’, ‘chinky’ and most importantly it’s not ‘CHINESE’ as it’s the most common name you use for us!!!!

I have a name and it’s CHUM, and the rest of us have names too.

Fourteen years of my life, every morning I used to sing our national anthem with pride in my heart, leading the school sometimes during assembly, I still stand up when I hear our national song play.

I studied Hindi for 14 years and it was one of my favorite subjects. I still celebrate when India wins matches against other countries, not just cricket but in others games and sports too.

I am an Indian and nothing can change that, you cannot change that.

My state Arunachal Pradesh is already in a crucial stand, like China claiming it, but on the other hand, we have been fighting against that claim, we are not Chinese, we don’t want to be, we are Indians, by birth and will be till death.

Next time you see one of us, ask whether we are from the North-East region, ask this even if you meet an actual foreigner but don’t ask us where we are from.

And even if you do, and if we tell you that we are from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura or Sikkim you respond with, “oh! The North-East! Sure.”

Learn about us like we have learned about you. Thank you.

A deprived citizen,

Miss Chum Darang,

Village Mirsam, Pasighat,

East Siang district,

Arunachal Pradesh, India.


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  1. We the Arunachal indigenous people’s nor the chanese neither the Hindus n Muslim.. Arunachal is part of Indian Right to claimed n Right to equalities. May me responses to Arunachal voice.. we always stand to our nations.

    1. With you all the way. Chum Darang is my Miss India and always will be. She is stunning. Your fight for equality is my fight.

  2. Dear Ms. Darang, you are very much part of us as we are part of you, this is the reality of our existence which nobody can takeaway from us. But, there still exist some so called educated ignorant citizens amongst us who knowingly and wilfully will pass such silly comments. Ignore them, if you can, forgive them for they know not what they are saying. God Bless you, stay strong, you shall overcome this too as you have miles to go before you rest. Continue to be courageous and stand up for your Fundamental Rights. All the very Best.

    1. How many times we tolerate such stupid and nonsense comment, like chinki, Momo, etc. Sir pls don’t mind. We arunachal not are more patriotic than these mainland India. Pls do something awareness on these issue

      1. I know that all NE Indians are India ‘s most patriotic people and I will love you always.
        Don’t lose heart , we will win .
        I am desi Indian from Punjab and we face same discrimination

  3. Most of us don’t know how the Northeast people looks. Our TV medias also not exhibiting the Northeast people in various programs as they are also Indians. Any how their respects towards India is great.
    But maximum of our Bangalore people knew that Northeast part people also ours.

  4. Dear Miss Chum,
    You have every right to speak what you want to speak. India is a large country with such large variations in culture , language , features among others. To share my personal experiences, I’m a Bengali born and grew up in Odisha. Travelled through Bihar and Jharkhand… Worked for a few years in Mumbai and also in Assam. While a handful of perverts and deviants called us Bengali dogs and what-nots whenever possible…
    Even questioning my right to work in their state… yet there I met such a good set of people who are our long term associates.
    Have you heard of terms like mallu, maddu, bong, gujju , mero, udey, khotta and the list goes on … Not to forget Punjabi jokes … Are they less racial.
    Can you assure “north-east” is free from these malaise…?
    I never thought about my Indian-ness… I am an Indian and love my country and flag and constitution.
    Hon’ Prime Minister Modiji is there only for four years … He is not responsible…
    You should have written the letter to all of India… Not to the PM alone. This is not pragmatism.
    I believe you are the future of India. Spread the beautiful words and believe me you can be a change manager
    Jai Hind

  5. I strongly agree with you on this, Chum. I get asked if Nagaland is a country, huh??? There are ill educated people who doesn’t even care to learn about the geography of their own country and still feel that they are it’s class 1 citizens by birth. And coming to the usage of the term Northeast, again, it just goes on to show how ignorant they are of their own country. All the states from northeast are unique like the rest of the states in our country. I feel abnoxious that we have to say these things to defend ourselves and our identity in our own homeland.

  6. Oh dnt feel so bad. Such cruel jokes are common in places where the localities are semi literates and jobless. North indians are troubled by marathis in mumbai, south Indians are called madrasis, idli sambar etc in Delhi. My peons arrogant daughter was telling her mom tht idli jaa raha hai,when I passed across. I ignored her bt showed her dad his due place.
    U can hear abt such incidents even in USA,England which claim to be ultra modern. So,ignore and prove them silly by your achievements. Good luck. Arunachalis are sweet,gentle people except few districts

  7. Its a same for the mainlanders, the foolish, granted bookworms. Man on moon and they still don’t know their country n people. No need to quote, but we have a civilized culture and identity. We are proud to be an indian and who we all are. Shame on those people

  8. Dear Ms Darang,

    I acknowledge your sentiments empathetically, and a big SORRY for all the hurts.

    I’m from Kerala, presently working in Arunachal Pradesh. I havent ever ill-treated Non-Keralites, forget about doing any wrong to North-Easterners & Arunachalis. Similarly, I haven’t seen my people in Kerala misbehaving either. Rather we embrace others with great enthusiasm; be it Punjabis, Lakshwadweepians, UPiates, Ladakhis or any other fellow citizens from any State.

    Besides, during my stay in Chandigarh, Leh-Ladakh, Delhi & Bhopal in a span of 12 years, I was treated with loving bonds of belongingness. Yes, I do admit that there were certain occasions of cliche comments of ‘Kallu’, ‘Madrasi’, ‘Eaters with Hands’, etc.

    But, SORRY to say, the ‘OUTSIDER’ feeling Arunachal Pradesh has been giving is so strange. It’s highly PAINFUL albeit demonstrating sincerest Social Outreach efforts. Why so?

    You are a celebrity with a supporting system & team at place. Just imagine the turmoil & pain we normal people go through in similar conditions of ‘discrimination’ in your State that too from educated people.

    We need to proactively & amicably WORK on to bridge this painful gap as well.

    Solicit to meet you & your NGO’s Team on a mutually convenient occasion for some interventions.

    With all humbleness & humility, please allow me to remind all of us that, Charity begins at Home’.

    I thank for your kind attention.

    Suneesh. P. S
    +91 76300 40000

    PS: Have you ever complained any of the ‘racial’ discrimination & misbehaviour and ensured punishments to the culprits? If YES, kudos and if NO, why?

  9. I have been in Maharashtra for near about 11 years still facing the same thing as we North East people faces wherever we go. We have learnt their language and even adopted their culture than also why this people treat us like we are from different country. It’s very surprised to know most of the people don’t even know where north east belongs to they think it is not in India it surprised me a lot after knowing this. We North East people are Indian as you all are, we have a voter ID of India, we have a driving license of India, we have adhar card of India than how you people can treat us like foreigners. It’s really hurt whenever someone pass a comment on us while walking in between thousands of people. Try to feel it if someone do the same way the way you treat us. Be a guest of North East than you will understand the people and their feelings. Rest it up to you all bcz we can’t change your mind forcefully plz treat us a same human being.

  10. I was in Belgaum for 1 and 1/2 year. There was a an apartment where I lived most of them belong to nearby Maharashtra. Their acceptance as neighbour was very poor and tried to trouble and irritate us regularly. We intimated the things also to the house honour. One of my neighbour one day told that we came from very nasty place.

  11. Very well said girl. Its high time Indians must learn not to be indiscriminate to own citizens. Hats off and bravo, continue the battle, we are with you.

  12. Dear Chum ,
    It’s very disheartening to hear that a national winner was subjected to racial discrimination .
    As a fellow Indian brother i request all the citizen to support you and pls remember not all the people think that way , you have made all Indian proud ..and for these people Ask them to visit all the states in North East than they will understand we are all same in..And that way these people will never ever do any kind of racial discrimination .Buck up and don’t get disheartened
    We are all same

  13. Yes it is very bad syndrome to call another people’s who are some different from this locality. All hindi spoken people (UP,MP, CHATISGARHI..) are not Bihari, but North- Eastern people are treat to another just said above.

  14. Dear Miss Chum.
    I just saw this. I apologize on behalf of those ignorant people.
    Ignore them – many people in India are still living in the middle ages.
    Eventually things will improve.
    You are Indian and will forever remain so just like me.
    Welcome to my hometown of Mumbai – city of dreams.
    Jai Hind

  15. Chum Darang you NE Indians are more Indian than so called mainland Indians. I experience same discrimination in Punjab because of my dark skin.
    I am with you all the way. Anyway , you will always be my Miss India.

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