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Arunachal: Biyuram donates street lights for Seijosa town

Seijosa will not be dark at night ….. because MLA Biyuram Wahge donated some street lights from his own pocket, which will be fitted in the empty polls very soon.



Seijosa , a small town in Arunachal Pradesh, will finally see the arrival of the good days as now the streets of Seijosa will not be dark at night ….. said Melung Techi Bagang, chairperson of  Seijosa town women welfare society.

Melung Techi said that the people of Seijosa have now got  a messiah who understands the needs and problems of the people of Seijosa.  He not only understood  but also solved our  problems and that Messiah is none other than Seijosa MLA, Biyuram Wahge.

According to Melung, the streets  of Seijosa town have been dark after sunset for the past five years. The polls are there but all the lights are broken. Many a times people have complained to  the local administration and to the power department but to no avail.

The people of Seijosa then went to their legislator Biyuram Wahge  and told him  about this problem. Biyuram Wahge donated some street lights right away from his own pocket.  Now the people are also approaching the power department and with their help these lights will be fitted in the empty polls.

“Very soon we will fit these lights along the streets of Seijosa within the next few days with the help of the power department. We hope that within few days the streets of seijosa town will be lighten”, said Melung Techi.

When asked about this, Biyuram Wahge said that the public has chosen him as their MLA and it is his duty and responsibility that he should take care of them.


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