Arunachal: AWS shows commitment to work for the welfare of Adis

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng ) – The Adi Welfare Society (AWS) on Saturday held its 5th general body meeting at Siang Guest house wherein the AWS extended its members while committing to work for the welfare of Adis in all front without any biasness and discrimination among the Adis and also to build goodwill relations within the other tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and from other states and nations.

In his message, AWS President, Dr. Takeng Taggu said that, there are lots to do for the welfare of Adis in all fronts and AWS is determined toward its goal to work for the Adis and its oneness. He also clarified on the rumour and misunderstanding of some people leveling AWS formed against Adi Baane Kebang and some stating it as Christian version of ABK or even some asking which one from ABK or AWS is above and bigger. “Adi Welfare Society is not formed to counter ABK nor it is formed for Christian community.

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It is neither less important than ABK nor it is higher, it is for the interest of all the Adis from all religions, regions nor all sections of Adi communities. There shouldn’t be any misunderstanding about the AWS and I appeal to everyone not to create further misunderstanding about it”, said Dr. Taggu. He also pointed out about the existence of religious discrimination, have and have not etc in election/selection of leaders in other Adi organizations where persons are not chosen as per his or her dedication and leadership quality.

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Dr. Taggu stated that he has been doing Adi welfare activities since long and claimed that he was the one who introduced celebration of Unying/Aaran festival of Adis at Itanagar during 1992-93 as a part of preserving and celebration of traditional Adi festival despite being a Christian Pastor that time too. His statement was to clarify the misunderstanding created by some people about Adi Christian fellows whom some alleged that a Christian can’t lead a traditional Adi organization.

He took reference of Taring Tabi, who despite being a Christian worked in uniting the Adis in one umbrella with the formation of ‘Adi Tosina Kebang’ which later took the shape of present Adi Baane Kebang. “But in AWS, there will be no any discrimination and it will work for the larger interest of the Adis while taking the social welfare interest individuals without letting it have any political and clan interference”, added Dr. Taggu.

While AWS Women Wing President, Yane Talong Dai also stated that AWS will work for overall welfare of the Adis and the women wing will work for betterment and upliftment of women in the society. She welcomed all the genuinely interested and voluntary social workers to join the AWS.

The meeting was attended by its all executive members including Allek Perme, Secretary General, Women Wing General Secretary, Rokye Yosung etc wherein executive members from district levels, youth wing, narcotic cell, kebang cell, legal cell were also selected.


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