Itanagar: IMC Mayor, Corporators and officials visit Oju Mission Welfare Association

The visit aimed to acknowledge and appreciate the organization's significant efforts in empowering women and providing a safe haven for orphaned children.

ITANAGAR-  In a heartwarming display of solidarity and commitment to community development, Mayor, Itanagar Municipal Corporation ( IMC ) -Tamme Phassang led a delegation of Corporators and officials on a visit to the Oju Mission Welfare Association (OWA) on Monday.

The visit aimed to acknowledge and appreciate the organization’s significant efforts in empowering women and providing a safe haven for orphaned children.


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During their visit, Mayor Phassang and his team interacted with the students and members of OWA, gaining insights into the organization’s versatile approach to social development. Mayor Phassang extended his appreciation to the OWA for their selfless dedication to uplift downtrodden individuals and orphans, emphasizing the importance of their work in building a stronger and more inclusive community.

“The heartwarming experience of interacting with the children left a lasting impression on all of us. We assured the children of our unwavering support for their needs, aiming to contribute to their well-being and growth,” Mayor Phassang conveyed during a media interaction.

Highlighting the exceptional efforts of OWA, Mayor Phassang underscored the organization’s dedication to empowering women and its role as a nurturing environment for orphaned children. He lauded OWA’s comprehensive approach to social development, which not only focuses on education but also encompasses the overall well-being of its members & wards.

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Ratan Anya, Chairperson of Oju Welfare Association, expressed her gratitude to Mayor Phassang and the IMC team for their visit to the OWA office. She shared the organization’s journey and the challenges faced by their wards, who hail from various parts of the state. The Mayor’s visit was seen as a significant step toward raising awareness and garnering support for OWA’s initiatives.

Among others,  all the Corporators, Commissioner-IMC Likha Tejji and other officials accompanied the Mayor.


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