Arunachal: ABKYW with DA conducts traffic awareness campaign at Pasighat market

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )-  As a part of their continuous effort to beautify Pasighat township, the apex youth body of the Adis, Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing (ABKYW) today conducted a traffic awareness programme at Pasighat market areas in collaboration with the district administration.

The awareness campaign was held to streamline and make each shop owner of Pasighat market maintain traffic by themselves just near to their own shop. Shop owners were appealed to aware their respective customers to park the vehicle properly. The shop owners were also explained about the designated and non designated areas as per the DM’s order. The awareness campaign was attended by all the executive members of ABKYW and traffic policemen, informed Kalen Pertin, Information & Publicity Secretary, ABKYW.

The members marched from the Hotel Ane area to the Donyi Polo store. While visiting each shop, the owners were also requested to put ‘No parking’ signs in front of their respective shop.  ABKYW has also appealed to the general public and visitors of Pasighat market area to park their vehicles properly. The vehicle owners before leaving for shopping should first check that the vehicle parked doesn’t disturb the other road users.

The youth wing also held a counseling session for the parking fees employees wherein Kalen Pertin advised the boys and girls collecting parking fees to behave decently with the public while collecting fees. The fee collecting guys were also made aware that the public should get a service in return when they collect tax from the designated areas and they should guide the drivers during parking and look after their vehicles till the owner returns. They were also suggested to follow certain do’s and don’ts and etiquette in the course of duty.

Meanwhile, the shop owners extended their thankfulness to the ABKYW for taking up the issue and to organize such a programme and for earmarking the designated and non designated areas. While Joluk Minung, President ABKYW said that the programme was appreciated and welcomed by the market communities wherein he also appealed to all to park vehicles properly. “We can beautify Pasighat township by joining hands together while following and maintaining certain civic senses. It is our duty to park properly and appeal to others too who don’t know and have any civic sense.


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