Arunachal: 41 company of CPMF deployed to ensure free and fair elections in state

FST, SST, Naka check post and police personnel are carrying out their duty and daily basis report are being received and being monitored.



Forty One company of Para military forces have already been arrived and are being send to various locations to ensure free and fair elections in the state, said IGP and Nodal Officer for Police Department  Sunil Garg.

State is going for simultaneous poll on April 11 and we have been preparing for last three month ahead and we are in right track, preparation is going well and is still underway at various level. So far we have received forty one company of central Para military forces for election duty and to maintain law and order and to ensure violence free election in state. Garg said.

We are requesting for more central Para military forces and expecting too but could not get confirmation till date as election are being held across the country. Extra forces have been send to all district and which would be dispatched by the district authority. All personnel have been given training for conducting free and fair election.

Forces have been asked for conducting security related duty, nakas have been installed in various parts of state to check all anti social activities,  all police station of state have been alerted to carry out patrolling in all vulnerable area and also  to conduct sensitization programme in respective area.  He said.

Priority have been focused to various district where information of sensitive in last poling held in 2014 and senior officers to the rank of Dy, SP and SP are being send to supervise the preparation and deployment are being done.

Wireless sets have also been arranged, old sets were repaired , new sets were procures for which state government have sanctioned fund recently. Shortfall of Wireless sets have also been arranged on load basis from DCPW, New Delhi which will be returned after election duty. Mobile handsets have also been arranged for those area where wireless sets are not accessible and all SPs have been briefed. Transport arrangement is also being made for transportation of forces from one place to other and also patrolling and conducting nakas and vigilance in the vulnerable and critical area and polling stations which have already been identified. He said.

We have created whatsaap group and local management and important information are being shared and different level. he said.

We have requisitioned helicopter also to transport the poling personnel and reach the area which are not accessible with road and other connectivity in different parts of state in Kurung Kumey Kra Daadi, Changlang and others parts of state. he said.

FST, SST, Naka check post and police personnel are carrying out their duty and daily basis report are being received and being monitored.

IGP further appeal that general public to go to vote and participate in democracy and appeal to maintain peace and tranquillity and police is at your service. He also appeal that if any help is required inform the police and security personnel on duty. Garg added.


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