All Districts of the state will be equally developed- Kalikho Pul

Hawai ( Anjaw )

In his first visit to native Anjaw district as head of the government, Chief Minister Kalikho Pul reminded his constituents that his service to the people has moved beyond the district. CM informed to the people of that all the districts of the state will be equally developed .

 “I stand here not as Chief Minister of Anjaw district or any community, but I stand for entire people of Arunachal Pradesh,” he said while addressing a public gathering here today.

 Saying that “people of Anjaw should not expect special preference”, he stressed that there would be no discrimination to any constituencies, and all development issues would be addressed on the on merit basis.


The CM, however, pointed that development need of Anjaw district would be taken care as usual and expressed optimism that in days to come it would emerge as ‘model district’.

 For that to achieve, the CM urged the people to cooperate with the government officials and to work together. He informed that all ministries and department officials have been given independent powers and asked the people to liaise accordingly on any development issues.

The CM also urged the people to take benefit of the centre’s special preference for the state informing that central government is today keen on development of all north eastern states.

 He said his recent two-day visit to New Delhi had been fruitful where he met eleven ministries including the Prime Minister himself. This was unlike earlier times when Arunachal political representatives couldn’t garner much importance from the centre, said the CM.

 He informed that PM has made it compulsory for all union ministers with their officials to visit north eastern states once in a month, which shows their high level of commitment for development towards the region.

 The CM informed that special attention is being given to education, health, road networks, water and power supply, he informed. On education and health sector, there would be no special preference for any district and every district will have uniform infrastructure and manpower facilities, he said.

 Hailing people as being supreme in a democracy, he said he was ready to undermine individual interests over government’s decision that served the interest of larger number of people.

 Saying that all public representatives and government officials are meant to serve the people, he advised that no time be fixed as ‘visiting hours’ as seen practiced in several offices. He urged that people be given enough time to put down their grievances and no restrictions be forced upon them.

 On meeting the power shortages in all administrative centres, the CM said the Anjaw model of micro hydel development would be implemented in the state soon. He said eleven micro hydels developed in the district is today supplying uninterrupted power supply in all major administrative centres and villages.

 Also he revealed that the concept of ‘mini-secretariat’ – the Anjaw model of deputy commissioner’s office that also houses offices of all the departments is now being implemented in rest of the districts.


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