ABKYW objects PMC’s declaration of non-designated parking lots as ‘No Parking Zone’


PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng ) Reacting to the decision passed and adopted by Pasighat Municipal Council led by Chief Councilor in which non-designated parking spaces of the Pasighat market areas were declared as ‘No parking zone’, the Adi Baane Kebang Youth (ABKYW) has strongly objected the decision and urged the PMC to withdraw its order with immediate effect.

While terming the decision of the PMC led by Chief Councilor, Okiam Moyong Borang as completely arbitrary and against the rules as per New Motor Vehicle act 2019, the ABKYW levels the decision as a direct effort to harass the general public while giving undue benefits to the contractor. “While taking account of the grievances of the general public, the ABKYW has been spearheading the parking fee issue on behalf of Adi Baane Kebang (Apex) representing the Adis. But it was sad to observe that ABKYW was intentionally left out of the crucial  meeting that was held on 24th May 2021 during  which the arbitrary decision of declaring non-designated parking lots as ‘No Parking Zones’ were taken”, added Joluk Minung, President, ABKYW.

The ABKYW stated that there are two types of designated parking areas in the Pasighat market square. One, in which the contractor was allowed to collect parking charges as per the agreement and another that was not within the ambit of the agreement with the contractor, like the opposite of Orin market, Kampo bakery, Sanghrila restaurant etc which is now designated as ‘No Parking Zone’. And team ABKYW had objected to the collection of parking charges by the contractor in parking areas which were not in the ambit of the agreement made between PMC and contractor as it was illegal. But ironically, the same parking spaces which were allowed for public vehicles parking before until the contractors were collecting fees, are now declared as ‘no parking zone’ after parking fee collection was objected to by ABKYW, quoted Joluk Minung.

The priority of the PMC as local governing body should have been to go for termination of agreement with the contractor for breach of agreement for collecting fees outside of agreed areas including actions on recovery of illegal and excess fees collected by them over the last few months or else fine should have been imposed upon them. The ABKYW demands immediate lifting and withdrawal of the ‘No Parking Zone’ order for the Pasighat market square area and to utilize the existing strength of Traffic Police for monitoring of these areas for the convenience of the public and business communities.

Meanwhile, the team ABKYW has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh vide ABKYW/A-I/169-71 dated 25th May 2021 in which ABKYW have requested the state government for the creation of ‘Pasighat Traffic Warden’ in the lines of ‘Itanagar Traffic Warden’ to create employment opportunities as well as for the management of the ever growing traffic in Smart City Pasighat.

While reiterating on its earlier parallel demand not to extend the tender period of parking fee collection or no more inviting of tender on it after expiry of tender on 31st August next, the ABKYW has appealed to all the stakeholders to support them so that a final and lasting solution can be bought about to the traffic issues in Pasighat while also not burdening upon the general public with parking fees.

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