1007 Robots Danced in Mass and Made Guinness World Record

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Robot-dance--fileInstances of large number of people dancing in synchronized choreography to make world records has almost become commonplace but when the same thing is done by robots it definitely becomes an unusual event. A record 1007 robots entered themselves into the Guinness book of world record by performing a  dance in mass  for  one minute in Shandong province, east China.


As amusing it is to see large number of robots dancing in synchronized choreography, this group act also stands testament to the ever advancing capabilities of robots.

This act in Huagdong district initially started with 1040 robots,  each  48.3 cm long,   but those robots that stopped or fell before the one minute mark were not counted in the final tally.

However, this event is not the first of its kind as a similar event held in February, 2015  in Shenzen province, China featuring 540 robots dancing in synchronized choreography made a world record which has now been broken by this latest attempt.


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