RKMMS Organised Awareness on HIV/AIDS and Blood test camp


R.K. Mossang Memorial Society  in collaboration with 13th Assam Riffles organised a Awareness on HIV/AIDS and Blood test camp on 17th July as a part of Targeted Intervention Programme on Migrant Population. 25 nos. of persons have done their HIV Screening test in the camp.


Arup Kumar Choudhury, Secretary R.K. Mossang Memorial Society, warmly welcome S.S. Choudhury, ADC Jairampur as Chief Guest, Randhir Ranjan, RMO 13th Assam Riffles and all the participants.

He briefly explained the labourers about Targeted Intervention Programme on Migrant population and urged them to avail services provided by the TI programme for the Migrant population such as ICTC testing, STI Clinical services and counseling free of cost. He told that knowledge is the key to prevent HIV/AIDS.

On the occasion  a street theater performed by the students of R.K. Mossang Memorial Secondary School on how  HIV/AIDS can be transmitted.

On this occasion Resident Medical Officer, Dr. Randhir Ranjan 13th Assam Riffles, in his speech told about the History of HIV/AIDS where the first case of HIV/AIDS found. He explained about HIV/AIDS among the participants and importance of screening test for HIV.  He told the four main reasons for transfer of HIV/AIDS are ; i) Unsafe Sex, II) From infected mother to her child, III) Receiving infected blood and IV) Needle previously used. He requested all the participants to come forward without any hesitation to avail the STI services and ICTC services.

S.S Choudhury, ADC Jairampur had covered all the topic on HIV/AIDS and its ill effect and how it can damage society.

Lastly, Miss Komoli Mosang, Chairperson R.K. Mossang Society, expressed her gratitude to 13th Assam Riffles for extending support in organizing the camp successfully. She elaborated how alcohol damage person, drugs damage family and HIV/AIDS community


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