Panchayat leaders of West Siang with ABKYW meets on early completion of Potin-Pangin Trans Arunachal Highway

PASIGHAT-   In a move to push for early and timely completion of Potin to Pangin Road stretching around 37.133 KM, the panchayat leaders of West Siang District led by Zila Parishad Chairperson, Babom Romin and Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing represented by its Spokesperson, Kaling Eko made a site inspection of the ongoing road construction work along Aalo-Pangin (near Sanggam bridge) road on Sunday.

The site inspection cum meeting of both panchayat leaders of West Siang and ABKYW was held so that road construction is completed within its given time of 3 years while maintaining the quality of road, informed Kaling Eko. “The said stretches of road Trans-Arunachal Highway Package-9 with 37.133 KM is to ease the hardship of common public as dilapidated road of Pangin-Potin, especially between Sanggam bridge in Siang District near Pangin to Aalo town, district HQ of West Siang district is one of the worst road in the entire state. The Pangin-Aalo road which won’t take more than a half hour on a good road, is presently taking more than 2 hours due to the worst condition of road”, said Eko.

The panchayat leaders and ABKYW have also appealed to the general public not to create any obstruction in the smooth construction of the said road so that the road construction is completed on time. Potin-Pangin road being the lifeline of people of Siang, West Siang, Shi-Yomi districts need to be completed on time as commuters of this road are suffering to the maximum extent, including the medical patients.

All the ZPMs of West Siang District and Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing leaders have assured to cooperate the constructing agencies like TK company and Hill Trading Agency for timely completion of the road, but they have also appealed the constructing agency to maintain the quality of the road as most of the earth cutting and fill


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