Arunachal: OJU mission school celebrates ‘world bee day’

ITANAGAR-  “World Bee Day” was celebrated at Oju Mission School, Pappu Nallah On the 20th of May 2022. The programme was organised by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in collaboration with the Oju Welfare Association (OWA), with the theme “Bee engaging: Build Back Better for Bees”.

Mrs  Ratan Anya, Chairperson, OWA and other staffs from Oju Mission School, Women Helpline-181 and OWA, accorded warm welcome to the officials of KVIC. The senior students of Oju Mission School, presented welcome song, which was followed by keynote address by Mrs  Ratan Anya, Chairperson, OWA, she on her address thank KVIC for choosing OMS for conducting the programme, and giving much needed awareness to the participants on beekeeping. Yet another action dance by tiny tots and group dance by Senior girls students of OMS displayed colourful dance for the gathering.

Chetan Singh, SFURTI Project Officer, KVIC, enlightened the gathering on the purpose of celebrating “World Bee Day”. Wherein, he stated that celebrating the programme is one of the major activity of KVIC, which has separate Directorate, and comes under Forest base Industry, and KVIC have been celebrating it since 2018.

He also further, stated that, The Ministry of MSME, GOI, has given them a task to accept the challenge “Sweet Kranti” which was launched by GOI in the year 2017-18. However, while briefing the participants on the importance of “World Bee Day” he added that the population of bees are decreasing, and the major reason for the said is climate change.

He further added on the vulnerabilities and unique features of bees and production involved in preparing honey. He also informed that a bee travels about 153 kms. just to prepare 450g of honey. The KVIC also distributed honey to the participants and expressed the importance of honey, which is a culturally and environmentally prestige in our society as the most promising pollinators and producers of food, honey, and medicinal products.

The officials from KVIC also gave away prizes to the winners of the drawing competition which was conducted yesterday, for the students of OMS. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Principal OMS, followed by national anthem.

Let’s get united and celebrate bee day every year, by praising all types of bees. Bees are essential for food security and maintaining balance in the food web and ecosystem. However, the welfare and number of bees worldwide are declining, and therefore, it is essential to protect and conserve them to maintain human well-being.


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