No parking lots: Naharlagun roads suffer traffic congestion

NAHARLAGUN: (By Geli Riba ) Naharlagun has witnessed a staggering increase in the traffic volume during the Last few years,  but the local administration has not been able to provide parking lots to the commuters.

The road condition in Naharlagun city is in really bad condition and very tiny in comparison to the number of vehicles travelling through. Which makes daily commuter waiting hours just to cover a few kilometers.

If I can quote myself “one fine Monday returning from Itanagar to Papu-nalla (Naharlagun) it took me 10-12 minutes and from papu-nalla to A-sector, it took me 2 hours to reach” that means 12 minute for 11 kilometers  and 2 hours for 4 km why ?.

Daily commuter pointed that “ Because there is no proper guideline or restriction on how you drive in the city and park your vehicle,  so that all that rash driving, no turn signals &  the two wheelers ride through the middle of ongoing traffic makes traffic even slower and  Right from A-sector to Yupia tri-junction the road and traffic is at worst”.

Aside from roads and traffic, parking is also a major issue in the city. The locals almost never find a decent parking spot and often have to leave their vehicles along the roadside in no-parking zones. Even the pedestrians find it difficult to move around the city due to haphazardly parked vehicles which create bottlenecks at several points.

No parking lots: Naharlagun roads suffer traffic congestion


Parking of cars aside, the road takes up almost 40% of the road, causing more traffic congestion. Crowded places like the hospital line and G-extension area often witnesses traffic chaos due to disarrayed parking of vehicles

Talking exclusively to Traffic Warden some points came into light that “Firstly there is very few number of traffic warden for such larger traffic management, secondly 20% of traffic jam are just because of wrong parking, if someone park wrongly” earlier warden use to lock the vehicle but now all the wheel locker has been taken away to Itanagar there is only few locker available for Naharlagun.

Not only traffic, wrong and access parking makes the street vendors and shops  difficult to do their businesses, A shopkeeper from G-extension said “ sometimes car parking is so rash that even one cannot pass through the gap between car and shop, how are we supposed to do business?”.


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