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Max Cement Distributes Tarpaulin Sheets to Hailstorm Affected Families



Max Cement recently distributed tarpaulin sheets to the people affected by hail storm in the areas near Nongsain village in East Jaintia Hills. Officials of the  Max Cement visited the affected houses to oversee the relief programme and extend the immediate support.

Commenting on this, Shri Vineet Agarwal, Managing Director, Max Cement said, “A large number of families living near Max Cement plant in this area have been affected by hailstorm and Max Cement Humanity Wing is providing tarpaulins to hundreds of these affected family”.

“We are working closely with the local authorities to ascertain the immediate needs. Our team is well prepared, with a strong network of staff to meet the needs of these families,” Shri Agarwal added.

Heavy hailstorm had recently lashed various villages in East Jaintia Hills causing landslides in adjoining areas and badly affected the electricity and telecommunication in the entire area. The water in the streams flowed fiercely, the ground floors of several colonies were flooded and people had to take refuge in the top floors with other inmates.

Villagers expressed gratitude on timely and prompt action by Max Cement management.


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