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Manipur- UNC Lifts Economic Blockade from Tonight



What Ibobi could not do in 4 months Biren Singh did it within 3 days after he became the CM. The new Chief minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh has fulfilled his promise  to solve the Economic Blockade imposed by UNC ( United Naga Council ) in the state since four months back.

The economic blockade in Manipur will be lifted on 20 March. The agreement to lift the blockade was reached after talks between the United Naga Council, the Manipur government and the Centre in Senapati, Manipur.

The blockade was imposed following the state government’s announcement of formation of seven new districts, four of which have been formally inaugurated. The UNC claims that the creation of new districts in the Naga dominated hill areas will encroach upon and divide the traditional land holdings of Naga tribes.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh had earlier said his government’s top priority would be to solve the four-month-long economic blockade that has caused immense hardship to the people.

Speaking to the media Singh had said, “We need to solve the crisis as soon as possible.”


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