Malabar Hotel Robbery Case: Robber arrested

The accused is under Police Custody and the case is under further investigation.


Capital Police arrested the allege accused of Ganga based Malabar Hotel robbery case after about  a year of continuous chase and hide and seek, said City Police chief Tumme Amo.


On the night of 9th March, 2019 an unidentified man had entered inside kitchen of the Malabar Hotel at Ganga and without any provocation he beaten all the staff including the manager on gun point.  After all the tortures and punishment, he left the hotel with cash around Rs.62,000/- from the cash counter.

On the basis of an FIR by Hotel authorities,   case was registered and police collected CCTV footage but they could not identify the person.

However, the man had come in Chevrolet car bearing registration No-AR-01D/0359  and through vehicle information, it was revealed that the car is registered in the name of one Tamuk Tagio who later confirmed his Car was sold to a second hand car dealer at Pappu Nallah who further confirmed that the said car was later purchased by one  Santo Flago of Naharlagun, SP Informed.

All out search was carried out by various teams of Capital Police but the allege accused went on continuously changed his mobile numbers as well as dwelling locations/rented rooms like Papu-Nallah, Chimpu(Forest Corporation), Seppa and then Chimpu-I to Jully road. SP said.

Several local source was engaged to trace him out and then on 30/01/20, an information was received by the OC M Geyi about his hideout at Chimpu-1.  Accordingly a raid team comprising of OC, Inspr.M.Geyi,  Inspr.D.Bagra, SI G.Arangham, IO and others conducted raid the newly rented house of the wanted accused Santo Flago and thus after almost a year of hide and seek accused Santo Flago was arrested.

On his disclosure, the Capital Police has recovered a plastic made toy pistol with cover in the dumping area at jungle behind the rented house of the accused at Chimpu, Forest Corp. Colony, Itanagar.

As per statement of the accused during interrogation, he used this toy (dummy) plastic pistol to commit the crime and he had then thrown it into dumping ground near his previous rented house and thus same has been recovered and seized on being led by him. Amo added.

The accused is under Police Custody and the case is under further investigation. SP further added.


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