Itanagar: Not to give political colour to the killing of three youth- family members

family members of three youth killed during the firing in recent violence appealed to the political parties to not to give political colour to the incident.



Family members of Late Tari, Ruja and Wangdi demand justice, threatened to announced democratic movement from Monday

Family member of late Risso Tari today said that as per the police incident report, which they claimed to have a copy of, late Tari’s body was dumped in front of the state’s Civil Secretariat here as opposed to the assumption that he was killed in security personnel’s indiscriminate firing.

The family made the claim while addressing hundreds of people who participated in a candlelight rally from Akash Deep to I G Park Tennis Court here in solidarity with the families of three youths who died during  firing  in recent spate of violence over the PRC issue.

Late Tari’s brother Risso Kiageng said that as per the report, on February 22 at around 11:30 pm, some unidentified people brought late Tari’s body in an ambulance and dropped it at the state Civil Secretariat and run away.

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Kiageng  also added that the report also claimed that the security personnel resorted to water cannon also against the violent protestors when the lathi charge failed to disperse the crowd.

Informing that the deadline of the ultimatum served to the state government by the family of late Tari, late Biki Ruja, and late Tsering Wangdi, ends tonight and that so far no one from the government has cared to pay a visit, Kaigeng said that they will announce their next course of action on Monday through a press conference.

He, however, appealed all to not resort to any violence while stating that it is common people  who would suffer from such activities.

Kiageng said that their fight for justice is against the state government and the concerned officials and so they will continue to fight against them directly. He also sought the support of common masses in their fight for justice to the three youths who laid their lives for the cause of indigenous people of the state.

Late Tari’s brother, in the meantime, also appealed to the opposition political parties to not malign the image of the three youths by giving political colour to the incident.

Meanwhile, family members of Late Biki Ruja  elder brother Biki Talom, the elder brother of Late Riso Tari, Riso Tajam, sister in law of Late Tsering Wangdi Kina Kamda also expressed their gratitude to the gathering for supporting their cause and said that the PRC issue has been dropped because of the sacrifice made by late Tari, late Ruja, and late Wangdi.

They also appealed for the public’s support in future too while stating that they will not rest till justice is delivered. All said that compensation cannot buy the life and demanded the killer of their dear one who have lost their lives in protest against PRC issue soon or else they will continue to demand justice.

Earlier, the gathered people also observed two minute’s silence in respect to the departed soul.


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