Itanagar: 3rd Business meeting of IMC held

ITANAGAR-  The 3rd Business meeting of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation was held here today at the IMC office. Mayor-IMC Tame Phassang has chaired the business meeting. Along with Corporators, Commissioner –IMC C Chukhu, Engineers of IMC also attended the meeting.

During the meeting members discuss various issues related to the plan and policies of various development activities under IMC jurisdiction.

Chairing the meeting, Mayor Tame Phassang reiterated that, irrespective of party affiliation we all have to work unitedly for the betterment of our IMC jurisdiction and state as a whole.  Denizens have much expectation on us, so we all have to roll-up our sleeves to take the challenges, he said.

Mayor also appealed to the corporators and engineers to confer 100 percent quality services to the public in their respective wards. ‘If a Corporators and their team execute quality work in their ward for genuine and those projects that will be beneficial for the masses will be conferred more funds in next project assured Mayor.

During the meeting, members also discussed about the renovation of the clock tower at Ganga, the proposal for a new Dumping Zone and Non-Biodegradable waste and cleanliness competition amongst the wards .

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