Helping Hand moots virtual rock show to raise funds

Casual attitude making COVID-19 virulent: Dr Lira

NEW DELHI- Second COVID-19 wave has not only devastated India and caught one and all including health managers off guard to take daily death toll to above 4,200, including +300 in New Delhi now.

It also posed greater challenges before life giver Helping Hands, which has carved a niche by offering voluntary humanitarian services, particularly after the killer virus turned virulent, saved many a lives, while Helping Hands president Robin Hibu, saluted United Sikhs, led by samaritan Davinder Singh Pal and Aman Deep, who using their five vehicles brought COVID patients to hospitals, supplied them with food and medicines besides transported to dispose off 76 dead bodies to create an unpatrolled record.

Impact of Hibu’s statement, while chairing two-hour virtual brain storming weekly review meeting from 5 PM on Sunday, was lit large over faces of the participants toeing the saying: “Time and tide wait for none, forget the mistake remember the lesson to march ahead”.

However,  Helping Hands’ activities have been widening with the number of cases rising but resources were limited for which Hibu called for aggressive marketing to raise funds when this correspondent  mooted to name it as ‘Help us to help you’.

Hibu proposed virtual rock show involving noted artists and choir groups of North East and assured to bring in India’s soccer torchbearer in international arena Bhaichung Bhutia, Bollywood hero Danny Denzongpa & boxer Mary Kom to promote and sought feed backs.

All including Monalisa Ghosh to Jenjum Gadi, Sunita Thapa, Gaurav Raj Thakur, Kumar to senior physician Dr Lira pitched in support to enlist various positive aspects, while Monalisa south specific help to widen her marketing networking in Odisha.

After Hibu approved suggestion of Kumar to discuss steps to contain spread of new COVID strains and sought more awareness, Dr Lira, working in a central Govt hospital, said that awareness was not lacking as all electronic channels flooded with such news. She apprehended that some under wrong impression that the virus would not infect them but only those with co-morbidity only cautioned that very casual attitude was behind rising number of deaths.

Senior dentist Dr Gampi Padu pitched in to advise not to go for dental treatment this month but be a doctor at home by using chlorhexidine mouth wash to maintain oral hygiene, when Hibu urged the doctors to enlighten all about the inevitable third COVID wave.

It was decided to entrust Munrika with the task of making a short emotional video footage on Helping Hands’ novel ventures, including offering food, medicines, plasma, oxygen, running O2 ATM, transporting patients to hospitals, dead bodies for last rites etc.

While noted Supreme Court judge R P Luthra had  dialed up to inform that the O2 ATM was doing wonders for which he intended to contribute, while American friends, like  Mrs Mary (California) and Puneet Ahluwalia (West Virgina) were willing to donate Helping Hands through ‘501’. In fact, the event begun with these American volunteers introducing this noted NGO while charted accountant Akash Sharma also apprised on progress of Helping Hands’ registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, receive founds from abroad.

The members, including few of Gorkhas, earlier deeply mourned demise of Deoraj Gurung, who died of COVID, as proposed by Rajni Suba. All recalled his invaluable services to the needy as 24×7 in-charge of SOS ration control room and prayed for eternal peace of the departed soul.

Hibu concluded saying “we would continue our journey unperturbed whatever may come” when all showed victory signs.

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