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Assam’s new Militant outfit ‘United Liberation of Bodoland’, demanding seperated Bodo State

GUWAHATI: A new militant outfit named United Liberation of Bodoland (ULB) has been formed by some youths demanding a separate Bodo state.

 In a video, that has gone viral on social media, it is seen that a group of youths wearing military camouflage and  covering their face with black cover resented against the Boro Peace Treaty signed among the Centre, the Assam government and former militant groups of the BTAD.


In this video , a youth, christened as United Liberation of Bodoland (ULB) said that they are not happy with the Peace Treaty and hence they returned to the jungle.

“We have got a small piece of land as per the Boro Peace Treaty. It could not fulfil our hopes and aspirations. So, we have returned to the jungle. We demand separate Boro state”, the youth said with folded hands.


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  1. This is Our long Pending demand – in the last years 2021-Accord signed for BTR. However, the solution is not stop, We are hungry for Bodoland, separate state from Assam. Bodos are have own language own culture own religion etc.
    If you go by the History, Bodo is the First community who came assam- by clearing the forest.
    Now, Bodos are don,t have state. So, Bodoland must be create as a new state of Northeast India.

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