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Assam: 15 child labourers rescue in Dhubri

DHUBRI-   15 kids who are working as child labourers rescued on Monday from various ferry ghats namely jogmaya ghat, panchu ghat, sri ghat and kachari ghat of Dhubri. Most of these teen age kids found working in small tea shops, vendoring water bottles and doing coolie work.


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The rescue drive was organised by CHILD LINE DHUBRI and jointly helped by Pronotee Roy Sarkar and Zahirul Islam, member Child Welfare Committee, Dhubri, Labour Officer Jannatul Firdousy, Child Protection Officer Noor Alam and Officials of Childline Dhubri and Child Care Institution, Dhubri.

The rescued children were then transferred to Child Care Institution for safe custody and FIR was lodged against the owners of the tea shops and parents of the children.

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Poverty is the main reason of increasing of child laborers in Dhubri and it’s adjoining area. Some businessmen take advantage of poverty to employ children in their workplaces from morning till evening, which is illegal. At the same time, these children are deprived of their right to education.  There are many children who are deprived of the government’s ambitious Sarva Shiksha Yojana.


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