Arunachal Villagers declares Jaging Tapo Village as Dry Village

Villagers declared Jajing Tapo village as Dry village, burn down 8 bags dry Cannabis (ganja), destroy large area containing Cannabis cultivation.


Mengio ( Papum Pare )

The Villagers and believers of Jajing Tapo Baptist Church Range under Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) of Mengio Circle in Papum Pare district declared the Jajing Tapo village as Dry village.

The declaration was taken as a part of silver jubilee celebration of Jajing Tapo Baptist Church, Mengio Pastoral Range under Nyishi Baptist Church Council while remembering God’s faithfulness for twenty five years with the theme “God Heals”

The  Anti Liquor Movements taken up by the NBCC and the villagers give full pledged cooperation. As sign of the movement around 8 bags of dry Cannabis (ganja) was burned down  as a symbol while a team led by local youth leader and APCC General Secretary Gyamar Tana  destroy and cut down  more than 27 field containing Cannabis (ganja) cultivation.

More than 100 local resident and villagers signed themselves a pledge not to encourage rather discourage cultivation of such drug/plant which affect the health and destroy the happy family.

Gyamar Tana informs that Arunachal Baptist Church Council (ABCC) Rev. (Dr.) General Secretary Changha Chippo and Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) General Secretary Rev. Tar Choya attended the celebration as the Speaker and the Special Guest. NBCC Gospel artistes led the praise and worship and presented gospel singings and dancing during the celebration.  Believers from all the churches of Mengio Pastoral Range participated in all cultural, games and sports and were blessed.

Chippo emphasized on the totality of God’s healing on the people of the village and encouraged them to remain faithful to God and obey all His commands. Rev Tar Choya highlighted the Clean Election

Later all the believers take a pledge not to support alcohols and drugs


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