Arunachal: Training and workshop on Sanitary Napkin production

workshop on Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Management and Training program on Sanitary Napkin production was organised at Namsai.


Awareness cum workshop on Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene Management and inaugural of  Ten days Training program on Sanitary Napkin production was organised at Namsai on  Oct 4 by Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology, Itanagar in collaboration with Priyanshi Educational Cultural and Social Society, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and Khun Ta Nau Welfare Society, (KTNWS ) Namsai.


Addressing the occasion MLA  Chow Zingnu Namchoom  emphasised on the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene, he requested the participants to learn and teach menstrual hygiene. Appreciating the efforts of the council in promoting rural empowerment he added that Sanitary Napkin Production will be a very good source for income generation for our rural women.

KTNWS Vice President Timita Mungyak while said that the females has long been a victim to societal stigmas only due to ignorance on the subjects which needs to be sensitised.

Scientific Officer and PI of the project Yumbi Bijum Yongam briefing on the occasion menstrual myths and stigmas often limits girls and women from accessing relevant and important scientific information about their own body resulting in unhygienic practices and increasing the risk factor for reproductive tract infection. So, she urged the participants to spread the menstrual positivity to break the vicious circle of menstrual myths and misconception.

She stated that the Dept. Of Science & Technology is also providing training in Sanitary Napkin Production using Low Cost Machines with the help of the training partner PECSS  free of cost to encourage our rural women to get in business.  Such training will help in making them financially independent

PECSS President Dr Shalini Saxena stating that healthy women leads to healthy family illuminated the importance of the use of Sanitary Pads. She also added that menstrual hygiene is and important aspect of a health which needs to be addressed to both the genders. She also highlighted the role of Sanitary pads in the life of girls and women and its role in income generations.

Master Resource person from PECSS Dr Rakesh Srivastav, briefed the participant on marketing strategies for the low cost Sanitary pads and he also added that womens are the pillars of the society but their  problems are often ignored and for a healthy society women should be healthy. project Co PI Gem peri  stated that to change the negative perception of the society on menstruation we women needs to be the change first so, she asked the participants to break the silence on menstruation.


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