Arunachal: Fighting Drug Menace Campaign, in Lohit & Anjaw

‘Fighting Drug Menace Campaign’ sensitises on opium tentacle in Lohit & Anjaw threatening Mishmi tribe


 In continuation of ‘Fighting Drug Menace Campaign’ in Lohit valley where the Mishmi Welfare Society (MWS) has raised strong voice against the widespread cultivation and consumption of opium in the predominant district of Lohit and Anjaw.


Lauding the positive perspective of retired Chief Engineer PHED Lapalum kri in spearheading campaign against opium, Dr Sopai Tawsik Pathologist and Chairman MWS said it is a wakeup call for all elite, civil society, public leaders, NGOs, Pressure groups and student to extend overwhelming support to eradicate the curse from the society to protect the tribe from being wipe out.

“Opium is synonymous to Mishmi. We should not be a mere spectator and joint hand with the govt to eliminate opium by choosing alternative livelihood for posterity”, he urges.

Women Against Social Evils (WASE) GS resource person from Pasighat Joya T Moyong in her experience cited the Pasighat as budding hub of contraband substances and youth are easy victim in its grip.

“We affected mother of drugs abuse swear to fight against this menace despite stiff resistance from the public and death threat against us to save our home and the future. It’s time to realised ourselves and raise battle against this impending threat of drug menace flourishing unabated in this nascent state”, she appeals.

Dr Savita resource person from Brahmakumaris Iswariya Vishwas Vidyalaya Mt Abu Rajasthan highlighted various complicacy of opium and tobacco consumption which contain nicotine substance that produces addiction.

“Tobacco contains 4000 harmful chemical substances and 43 chemical are cancerous. Strong will power, Medicines, Counselling, Rajyoga Meditation and Healthy balanced diet are the easy mechanism to overcome these addictions”, she advises through power point presentation.

While motivating the student, H Diyum EAC Wakro also advises the student to follow the famous adage of Albert Einstein ‘99 % perspiration and 1 % aspiration’ to win in life as well as dissuade from drugs for a healthy lifestyle and better future.

Later, the entire team also interacted with the Mishmi Women Welfare Society of Medo to wake up and realise the tentacle of opium in the society. Both resource person from Pasighat and Mt Abu commit to endorse in their movement to wipe out opium from the twin district of Anjaw and Lohit.
Besides, Er Lapalum Kri retired CE PHED, Sokia Dellang former MLA, public leaders, former PRI members and hundreds of student participated in the campaign held at Tamla – Du community hall today.


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