Arunachal Tourism Stakeholders Conclave held at Bomjir

BOMJIR- Arunachal Pradesh department of Tourism have organized Arunachal Tourism Stakeholders Conclave on the Theme: Responsible Destinations & Rural Hospitality at Bomjir. Tourism Stakeholders representing  14 districts of eastern Arunachal attended the conclave by as many as  71 participants amongst transport operators, adventure tourism operators, tour operators, homestay and hospitality infrastructure owners, food providers, elected members & departmental officials attended the conclave held at Bomjir, the venue of Orange Festival of Adventure and Music. The meet was formally initiated  by Deputy Director (HRD)  of Arunachal Pradesh in the presence of 7 tourism experts and resource persons.

The participants were also introduced to the Himalayan Orange Tourism trekking trail at Kapang village in Dambuk. A poetry Book titled ‘Waves’ written by Former Deputy Director, Serphow Nimasow was released on this occasion as  a part of India G20 Rural Tourism  workshops for Sustainable Destinations in Arunachal Pradesh.

The session was started by Raj Basu, who introduced the need of this program as the next step towards Rural Tourism and Homestay Hospitality in the context of sustainable development and the G-20 role.

Deputy Director, Bengia Manna Sonam spoke about the background of the Department of Tourism and the role in Human Resource Development, especially for rural communities across the state.

An introduction was delivered by John Panye, President of APTOA on the historical aspect of Tourism and the present status in the state. He also stressed on the immediate need for such futuristic programs which will give a special branding to the state.This was followed by the session by Sunil Chauhan and Pemba Tshering, where the participants were made to do exercise on how they would like to create Responsible Tourism Destinations.

The 3rd session on Rural hospitality was delivered by Soumitra Kar and Narbu Lama. This was followed by an elaborate session on waste management by Merwin Coutinho. The new approach of not to transfer, but to transform waste by local villagers was discussed.

The evening was dedicated to the valedictory function presided by Abu Tayeng, Director of Arunachal Pradesh Tourism  who stressed on the need for such trainings which would reflect on the new narrative for the policy which include sustainability as the core. He focused on high value Tourism in villages through outside investors.

The Chief Guest, Laisem Simai spoke on the need for such inclusive farsighted events which would empower local villagers to celebrate and find their livelihood with the local skill based on local wisdom. . He said that he would be happy to take the inputs for the India G-10 initiative as the Arunachalee Model of Responsible Tourism.


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