Arunachal: Thousands took part in Buddha Sasana Dhamma Desana


People from different walks of life in huge number thronged the Sai-Leng Dham Dhamma (Light Meditation Centre) at Noi Chenam opposite Golden Pagoda on Saturday to seek blessings and listen to the Buddha Sasana Dhamma Desana (Talk) from His Holiness, the most Venerable Khuva Boonchum, Venerable Prof. Khammai Dhammasami (Oxford University London) and Venerable Sukham.


Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein graced the auspicious occasion which was patronized by Parliamentary Secretary (Environment & Forest) Chow Tewa Mein and his family members.

The occasion not only gave opportunity to people from Namsai and nearby district but also to Buddhist followers from neighbouring states to witness, seeks blessings and listens to preaching of the three renowned and most revered monks.  The occasion propagated the Buddha, Dhamma and Buddha Sasana.

The most venerable Khuva Boonchum who is a forest meditation monk, well known to great number of devotees for his solitary and serious meditation practice, on the auspicious occasion offered chanting to invoke blessings of the Buddha to lay people and later explained them on the Buddha’s dhamma in simple terms and said that we must all think positive, speak positive and act positive. Just having good thoughts will not suffice but our actions ought to be positive. The lesser is our desire, the lesser our miseries. However, good our actions and thoughts but without positivity and compassion it is meaningless, he added.

“The greater is our desire, the greater is the misery. The lesser is our desire, the lesser our misery. When there is no desire, there is no misery. The more the greed, there is more misery. The lesser is our greed, the lesser misery. So when there is no greed, there is no misery and it also goes same for the anger.” Boonchum said.

He called upon the devotees to venerate the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, the teachers and parents.

He also talked about the admiration he had on the Buddha’s life leading to meditation on the Buddha, the Buddha’s teaching on the five precepts, the loathsome nature of the body (asubha-bhavana) and the inevitability of death (maranassati) and meditation on compassion (metta).

His chanting lasted for more than an hour and he did so with deep concentration and a beautiful voice. His style and his strong faith in chanting awakened the seed of devotion in many who heard it.

Giving their dhamma desana, Professor Oxford University London Venerable Khammai Dhammasami and Venerable Sukham dwelt in length about the importance of compassion in life, while emphasizing for the need of having positive thoughts and meditation to lead a happier and trouble free life.Later the three monks blessed the gathering by chanting, “May the Buddha Dhamma reach far and wide, May the Buddha Sassana be prolonged, May there still be Noble ones and may the Noble truths be known and seen.”

Before going to visit Chongkham Buddha Vihara, His Holiness Venerable Khuva Boonchum visited the Kongmukham (Golden Pagoda) where he was accorded warm traditional reception by beating of gongs, cymbals, drums and greeted by devotees and dancers of Kaa Kong toh kai (Cock Dance) and Kaa Kinnari (Peacock dance). He offered and chanted prayers for well-being of all.

The forest meditation monk is also expected to visit Pariyatti Sasana Buddha Vihara at Namsai on Sunday where he will be received by Parliamentary Secretary Planning Chau Zingnu Namchoom and abbot of the monastery Venerable Aggaddhamma Mahathero.


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