Arunachal: RGU concludes XXI UNIFEST Celebration 2024

This annual fest brought together students, faculty, administrators, and special invitees belonging to different spectrum for the three days of spirited competitions, cultural performances.

ITANAGAR- It is with great enthusiasm that Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union of Rajiv Gandhi University ( RGU )  concludes the Valedictory function of the XXI UNIFEST Celebration on 9th February, 2024. This annual fest brought together students, faculty, administrators, and special invitees belonging to different spectrum for the three days of spirited competitions, cultural performances.


The valedictory ceremony of the XXI UNIFEST Celebration was graced by the  Chancellor, Prof Saket Kushwaha was the Chief Guest, Dr N T Rikam was invited as the Guest of Honour and other dignitaries included Prof Otem Padung, Finance Officer and chairman of the UNIFEST and Prof Hui Tag, the Organising Secretary of the UNIFEST and Dr David Pertin, Joint Registrar. Among other special invitees included Lobsang Tsering, Educational Secretary, AAPSU, Taba Doni, Former President, ASUD and the RGUSU President Tagru Bai.

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Professor Saket Kushwaha, the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University, expressed unwavering optimism regarding the grand success of the UNIFEST. Prof Kushwaha empathised that as the NAAC Peer Team is visiting the university during the end of this month, all stakeholders of the university should gear up for this big event.

The Registrar, Dr N T Rikam congratulated the executive members of RGU Students Union for successfully organising the university festival. Dr Rikam also further reiterated the importance of NAAC visit to the university.

During the Valedictory function Rajiv Gandhi University students presented a spectacular Mega dance performance which captivated the audience with their mesmerizing group dance. XXI UNIFEST Celebration is not merely an event; it is a celebration of talent, unity, and the indomitable spirit of the students of the university. The festival is a testament to the enduring legacy of excellence and all round performance that defines this prestigious institution.

The UNIFEST Celebration featured a diverse array of events ranging from marathons to athletics competitions including badminton, shot put, volleyball, javelin, and tug of war to name a few. All these activities featured during this gala event which showcased the talents and sportsmanship of the students in all their applaudable wholeness.

During  the UNIFEST, students represented the four distinguished houses — Hornbill, Mithun, Hollong, and Orchid house who competed in various games and activities. In a thrilling display of sportsmanship and teamwork, Mithun House emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious Champion Trophy with exemplary performances across multiple disciplines. The house’s dedication and perseverance throughout the competition underscored their commitment to excellence.

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Hornbill House, displaying remarkable talent and resilience, secured the title of First Runner-Up. Additionally, Hornbill House was honoured with the coveted Best Discipline House and Hut Trophy, recognizing their outstanding adherence to sportsmanship and decorum throughout the UNIFEST. The fervour and enthusiasm displayed by all participants truly embodied the essence of the UNIFEST, fostering a sense of unity, pride, and mutual respect among the student community.

Prof. Hui Tag, the dynamic Organizing Secretary and Dean of Students’ Welfare proposed the vote of thanks to all those who contributed to the event’s resounding success. Prof. Hui expressed profound gratitude to the university administration, faculty members, staff, and students for their unwavering support, dedication, and enthusiasm throughout the UNIFEST. He acknowledged the collective effort and tireless commitment of everyone involved, which played a pivotal role in making the event a memorable and enriching experience for all.


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