Arunachal: Renovation work for Pasighat-Ledum-Tene road begins

PWD assures quality work with before time completion.

PASIGHAT- ( By Maksam Tayeng )- The renovation work of the  Pasighat-Ledum-Tene (PLT) Road starting from Pasighat (Medical Charali/Riba Canteen area) to Remi village bridge point covering an area of 20 KM is started which will be completed within 2 years.

 The work of renovation and improvement of this much awaited (to be renovated) road began today amidst the presence of Pasighat East MLA, Kaling Moyong, Dy. Commissioner, East Siang, Tayi Taggu, CE PWD Central Zone-B, Hage Pilliya, SE PWD Boleng circle, Gobo Yirang, EE PWD Pasighat, Tani Taki, ZPM Bosing-II, Alen Taning, ZPM Bogong-I, Tamut Tasung, 38th BJP Mandal President, Asar Padun and officials of the ATW India Pvt. Ltd who got contract of this work.


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While attending a work starting ritual conducted at Mirmir-Mirbuk-Balek Charali, Kaling Moyong, Pasighat East MLA said that, the PLT road renovation has been a long felt demand of the people of not only his 38th Pasighat East Assembly Constituency, but it was also of 37th Pasighat West and 36th Nari Koyu assembly segments.

“PLT road connects the three assembly constituencies and these stretches of road are the lifeline of people from several villages like Mirbuk, Pekung, Napit, Runne, Sibut, Yagrung, Mirem, Mikong, Bilat, Ledum, Korang, Tene etc. Hence, this road needs timely renovation and improvement with its quality work”, added Kaling Moyong. However, Moyong has appealed to the general public using this road to cooperate with the road construction workers for smooth and timely construction of the road.

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Meanwhile, Tani Taki, EE PWD Pasighat Division along with his other senior officers Hage Pilliya and Gobo Yirang has assured of maintaining quality work on the road and has also assured of getting the work completed before the deadline. “The concerned firm will have to maintain the work quality as per the specification failing which the bill for the work done won’t be paid/released”, assured Tani Taki.

As per PWD Pasighat Division, the details of the work are- improvement of road from Pasighat to Remi (0.00 to 20.00 km), sanction No. & date- PWD-12011/373/2022-Work-PWD/1954 dated 26/07/2022, TS amount-Rs. 2938.79 Lakh, name of contractor- M/s ATW (India) Pvt. Ltd., award No. PA/CON-1/CRIF/PSG/REMI/2022-23/7721-28 dtd. 30/12/2022, award amount- Rs. 22,76,17,534.00 (Twenty two crore seventy six lakh seventeen thousand five hundred thirty four) only, time allowed- 24 months, scope of work-Bituminous concrete road- 19.00 KM (carriage way-5.5 M). As per PWD Pasighat, the present breadth of the road is 3.75 Mtr. but the same road will be broadened to 5.5 Mtr. in its improvement work.


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