Arunachal: PPA MLA candidate Oken Tayeng supported with former MLA Ralom Borang

PASIGHAT  ( By Maksam Tayeng )- In their campaign in the 39th Mebo Assembly Constituency, the PPA candidate, Oken Tayeng has reassured the people of Lower Mebo, especially, to the Namsing, Gadum, Mer and Kongkul villages of giving priority in development of roads, bridges and flood control along the bank of River Siang. Oken Tayeng was saying this to the people on Saturday while extensively touring and campaigning at those Lower parts of Mebo like Gadum-I, Gadum-II, Mer, Namsing and Kongkul villages.

While citing the prevalent ferry boat system on the river Taro-Tamak due to absence of a bridge over the river, Oken Tayeng said that, people of those areas of Mer, Gadum of Mebo in East Siang district and Paglam, Banggo, Kaling-I, II etc of Dambuk under Lower Dibang Valley district are still living in the era of 20-30 years back where people were bound to use the ferry services to cross the rivers while facing numerous hardships.


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Over the question of the media, ‘how do he feel on seeing the long queue of vehicles and people waiting hours and hours for their turn to get loaded on the ferry boat to cross the river’, Oken Tayeng got emotional over how the people of these areas face problems on a daily basis.

He assured to leave no stone unturned in pursuing the state and central government for early construction of bridge over the river Taro-Tamak which is said to be the Sorrow of people of Lower Mebo as and when he gets elected as MLA. He also assured a good road to connect Lower Mebo villages besides bridge over river Taro-Tamak.

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On the part of former MLA of 39th Mebo who was also seen extensively campaigning in favour of PPA candidate, Ralom Borang said that, during his tenure as MLA from 2009-2014 he had got sanctioned of Rs. 1.8 Cr from the Tuki government  then for decking of the previously half constructed steel cantilever bridge over the river Taro-Tamak skeleton of which is still there to be seen in the middle of the river.

But before the work began that time the election came and his successor present MLA Lombo Tayeng didn’t do anything on this. “I am telling Oken Tayeng that, his priority should be constructing a bridge over Taro-Tamak, if he can’t live upto the expectation of his people and supporters, he shouldn’t come back to Mebo again”, added Ralom Borang.

Ralom Borang was also heard of taking a dig at the prevailing money culture in buying voters. “If someone is offering money for your vote, take it, but don’t make any agreement. He can’t sue you in any court of law or kebang, because in that case a police case can be registered against the vote buyer/leader who is desperately using money power and wooing voters by money on seeing and sensing people are no more going to vote him”.

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Borang also said, “we public, especially from Namsing village and I personally, forced Oken Tayeng to be our leader and stand against present MLA Lombo Tayeng. Now after forcing him, if we shift our favour toward Lombo Tayeng just for the lust of money, we are betraying ourselves and our future generation and we will be responsible for more flood damages in our area, bumpy rides over gravel roads and never ending problem of ferry services over Taro-Tamak etc”. So, even if money is offered to you, take it, but don’t vote for the leader who is not good for your area’s development.

Monggu Banggo ZPM, Gumin Tayeng also said the same and quoted that, he had approached MLA Lombo Tayeng to allocate a part of flood control boulder bund to Namsing village side as per DPR from the Rs. 35 Cr Siang flood control project. “Despite of our repeated request, MLA Lombo Tayeng didn’t agree, so we lost thousands hectares of land to Siang river soil erosion.

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So, we can’t rely anymore with the present MLA and we must choose the new face and young leader Oken Tayeng who is more promising and assuring to deliver the work for the welfare of the people of Mebo”, added Gumin Tayeng.

Other retired officers from Namsing village like Ranpok Perme (ADC), US Perme (Police Inspector) and others also spoke on the occasion and pledged to support Oken Tayeng. Both US Perme and Ranpok Perme appealed to all the public and voters of Namsing, Gadum, Mer, Kongkul villages of Lower Mebo to not fall for easy targets of money culture and money offering. “Rather we should help Oken Tayeng by offering from our side, like many are doing by contributing rice, meat (Pigs/Buffalos/Fishes etc), and vegetables to ensure victory of Oken Tayeng.


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