Arunachal: Powerful Short Films Illuminate the Struggles of LGBTQIA+ Community at AP QueerStation and Oju Welfare Association Meetup

The AP QueerStation team expressed their gratitude towards Anya Ratan, Chairperson of Oju Welfare Association..............

NAHARLAGUN- AP QueerStation and Oju Welfare Association came together to organize the 6th LGBTQIA+ meetup, coupled with a short-film screening event, which was received with great positivity by the community members. The event witnessed a gathering of over 40 attendees, including queer communities and their allies. The six short films that were showcased during the event were a true reflection of the lives and struggles of various spectrums of LGBTQ+ individuals.

During the event, Sawang Wangchha, a queer activist, highlighted the significance of staying informed about the ongoing hearing in the Supreme Court regarding marriage rights and why it is essential for the community’s progress. Additionally, a few individuals from the queer community who are still in the closet shared their personal stories of struggle, adding an emotional dimension to the event.


Binny Yachu, the Administrator of Women Helpline OWA, motivated attendees to remain strong and fight for their rights while not losing hope. She emphasized the importance of the community collaborating with OWA to fight for other vulnerable groups such as children who are victims of child abuse, child labor, and women who are subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

The AP QueerStation team expressed their gratitude towards Anya Ratan, Chairperson of Oju Welfare Association, for extending a warm welcome to the LGBTQIA+ community of Arunachal Pradesh and providing a safe space to conduct events, as well as shelter for vulnerable queer individuals in need. The event concluded on a positive note with a mesmerizing dance performance by the OWA inmates.


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