Arunachal: Nyishi Community celebrates Nyokum festival all over State


The biggest festival of Nyishi tribe of state who are known to the biggest tribe of the Arunachal Pradesh  the ‘ Nyokum’ celebrated cross the state with traditional fever  with great enthusiasm.


Te golden jubilee year celebration of Nyokum festival was witness at the Yazali in Lower Subansiri where the first centralised way of Nyokum celebration was started in the year 1967.

In Jullang

Centralised place for rural villages in Itanagar was held at Jullang by the 3rd Nyokum Yullo celebration Committee Jullang under the patron ship of Chief Engineer (PWD) Katung Waghe and Chairmanship of Tarh Tarak from February 17 with the theme of “Lost of Culture, Lost of Identity” wherein several games and sporting event, cultural nights, fashion show and others were held. In sporting events it was seen that as much as 15 teams of men and women participated in both football and volleyball competition.

BJP President Tapir Gao attended as chief guest while WRD Chief Engineer Likar Angu attended as guest of honour alongwith host of leaders from the saffron party.

The theme was strongly stressed on the alien culture influence on the tribal traditional and cultural ways inherited by the forefathers.

Gao stressed on the daily use of local dialects to preserve our social ethos and rich cultural heritage instead speaking of Hindi and English in daily course.

Citing example that few sections of society around the world have lost their cultural aspects and present scenario dominated with alien lifestyle.

Gao urged people not to forget the beautiful ancestral belief and tradition bestowed decades ago.

Furthermore, responding to one point memoranda of NNCC, Gao also assured of initiating  construction of Jollang Nyokum ground boundary wall.

Guest of Honour, WRD, Chief Engineer, Likar Angu opt the festival committee to organized local dialect competition for youths and assures his support for the same which would help the younger generation to speak local dialect at home with mother and father and even with parents.

Director, Don Bosco Father CC Jose was conferred as life time achievement award by the committee for his initiative in celebration of Nyokum Yullo celebration in Jullang are since 1996 and his support. Father Jose also delivered his speech in Nyishi.

NYCCJ, chairman Tarh Tarak informed that jollang committee will preserve Mithun or either donate to some charity, gifted by the Chief Guest, Tapir Gao keeping the request of Central Nyokum Yullo society, to avoid the mass sacrifices of Mithun during the festival.

Later, prize were distributed to the winner of various sporting and cultural events and other literary activities.

It was really an interesting celebration as small children more than 15 in numbers in full traditional attire who also took part in the celebration and dance and sing songs in local dialect which is a  symbol of preservation of culture and traditional and dialect.

In Banderdewa

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee President and former MP Takam Sanjoy attending as chief guest at Tani Happa Nyokum Celebration at Sunajuli-Pichola Panchayat of Banderdewa circle where large numbers of people from across the border attended and it was a unique celebration as there was several cultural troupes of different tribes and community from Assam shows their numbers which mesmerised the audience and guest The cultural extravaganza was a true picture of the unity in diversity and communal relationship among the different tribes of Arunachal and Assam.

Addressing the function Takam Sanjoy said that Nyokum is an universal festival, it except all types of belief and faith and no belief and faith will be allowed to become a barrier in celebrating the Nyokum festival because it is a symbol of Nyishi and the belief adn faith should be a barricade for successful celebration of the biggest festival of Nyishi community of state.

Sanjoy said that it is a festival where others are invited and treated as god and took part in community feast and Bua dance.

Sanjoy was excited with the huge presence of different community and tribes and people Assam side with several cultural troops and appeal the people to maintain the tempo with participation of each other festival and occasion which will help in maintaining communal harmony, brotherhood and friendship among the people for peace and tranquillity across the border.

In Kimin

Urban Development, Land Management, Law & Justice Minister Nabam Rebia and Secretary Science & Technology Gaken Ete attended as chief guest and guest of honour while took part in buya dance and traditional rituals at Subansiri stadium. Science & Technology Chairman Bamang Mangha among several local and PRI leaders of the area attended the day long function wherein several cultural extravaganza and prize distribution were done.

In Pachin

PHE&WS & IPR Minister Bamang Felix, speaking as chief guest  here today gave a clarion call to the Nyishis to strictly honour traditions of Nyokum Yullo and stops its commercialization.

Addressing Nyokum Yullo festival celebration as chief guest here, he said the festival aims at greater welfare of the entire humanity and its commercialization would spoil its traditional value.

Pointing out that this festival could facilitate innovative ideas to achieve the goal of protecting and preserving the universe, he suggested to plant 21 saplings to mark 21 years of celebration here. If 100 committee members plant 100 saplings each, one lakh trees could make this Himalayan state more greener, he reasoned.

“I as a Nyshis have been blessed by Nyokum Ane today with showers in the morning that would to ensure bumper harvest in ensuring session and there would be not water problem in the state,” he said.

Arunachal: Nyishi Community celebrates Nyokum festival all over State

Nyokum would be celebrated as long as the universe survives, said RD, PR & IPR Parliamentary Secretary Mama Natum as special guest, adding “It is our culture and tradition. Its loss would amount to losing our identity”.

After prolonged political turmoil, a stable Govt led by Chief Minister Pema Kandu has been effectively working since last 1½ years with ‘Team Arunachal’ spirit, whose tangible outcome would be visible soon. Natung, who was in Shillong on poll campaign, said “my participation proves I have been blessed or else the campaign was scheduled to end today”.

Social activist Kipa Kaney, speaking as guest of honour, lauded Longtey-Lotey Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee (LLNYCC) for zealously guarding the age-old customs and traditions and exhorted all, particularly the GenNext, to rise to the occasion as majority of Donyi-Polo followers despite being converted to Christianity have been following the Nyishi traditions.

21st LLNYCC chief adviser-cum- PHE&WS EE Tadar Mangku said earlier. “We are following the traditions without any dilution and continue to do so for times to come,” he said to the thunderous applause of the gathering.

PHE&WS secretary Ajmal Haque, TRIHMS dean Dr Jaikumar P, as special guests, among others, were felicitated on the occasion that included traditional games & sports and volley ball match and cultural presentations during  the day-long celebration.

While Felix released Nyishi audio album, produced by Tadar Kaku and Natung Nyokum calendar, followed by games and sports. LLNYCC secretary Tadar Lilong  drew the curtains of the celebration by lauding wholehearted participation of one and all to make the festival a grand success.

In Doimukh

The Parliamentary Secretary ( Hydropower ) Phosum Khimhum graced the Nyokum yullo celebration at Doimukh as the chief guest. Chief guest in his speech, highlighted the importance of one’s dialect/language and traditional attire and called on the people to preserve the rich cultural heritage which need to passed on to younger generation so as our tradition and culture is intact.

While offering greetings and good wishes, he further urged people not to mix religion with culture. As a flourishing and thriving community, you have greater responsibility to lead rest of people of the state, he added.

“The tradition of priesthood need to be kept alive and preserved and young people, you are to play vital role in preserving this age old tradition,” he noted.

    Following the Chief Guest’s address, R.T.Tara, Doimukh Nyokum Yollo Celebration Committee, appealed to the mass to have respect and care for nature, which we worship and also share life with all human beings.

    He further urged people to work unitedly to promote harmony and fraternity in our society.

In Banderdwa

Union Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs Hansraj Gangaram Ahir attended the Nyokum Yullo celebration held here at Banderdewa

He said that  “Your customs & culture defines the identity” of being Indian. India being a diverse country Arunachal Pradesh in itself is other mini India where people tops peace and love. “It’s very glad and makes me proud that populace of the community at rest engaged in preserving the age old culture & tradition imparted by the ancestors, Hansraj said.”

Praising the crafts made of Bamboo he said the state has the potential of generate its own income of living. Arunachal Pradesh being a hilly state people has the guts to survive besides central government help.

Papumpare district unit BJP president Tana Hali Tara as guest of honour speaking on the occasion said ‘Nyokum’ means gathering of people where we celebrate the harvest and pray almighty Donyi-Polo for the healthy life for all the living being.

In Doimukh

Parliamentary Secretary Hydro Power Phosum Khimhum attended the Nyokum Yullo celebration at Doimukh held on Monday. He visited the ‘Nyub Namlo’ “the priest house” where he spent minutes listening to the prayers and sacrifice of Mithun to the almighty god Donyi Polo.

Speaking on the occasion he said to preserve the customs of Nyishi tribe. He stressed on teaching children’s about the indigenous tradition & culture of tribe so it does not extinct in any way in future. Parents are to take the responsibility to do it, he said.

Chairman of the celebration RT Tara, Doimukh Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee (DNYCC) Generals secretary also spoke during the occasion stressing preservation of identity of the tribe and maintain peace and love.

The festival showcased various traditional sports, cultural display, and community fest along with rituals performed by the priest.

In Nirjuli

Nyokum Yullo, the annual agriculture based festival of Nyishis was celebrated with much fanfare and traditional.

Stressing the need to preserve indigenous culture and tradition Minister Tourism Tax and Excise Jarkar Gamlin said loss of culture is loss of identity. He said while speaking as chief guest at Nikum Niya ground here.

He also urged “if there is some wrong practice in our society then we need to change it as soon as possible for the progress of the community”.

Dumporijo MLA Paknga Bage urged everyone present on the occasion to follow the three P’s – Preservation of Nyokum, Promotion of Nyokum and Protection of Nyokum which is gradually fading due to adverse modernization.

Chairman Nirjuli Nyokum Yullo Celebration Committee Er Techi Nabo, organizing Secretary Tok Tabin Camdir also spoke on the occasion.

Among others Itanagar Municipal Deputy Chief Councillor  Tarh Nachung, APCC general secretary Chera Taya,  Borum ZPM Techi Tolu also attended.

 Performance of Rikam Pada dance, songs besides games and sports were the main attraction of the celebration. People from other communities also participated in the celebration.

Koloriang, (Kurung Kumey district) Local MLA Pani Taram attended the Nyokum Yullo celebration with huge gathering of local people and take part in buiya dance and rituals and witness the cultural extravaganza performed by several cultural troops of the area.


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