Arunachal: More than 1000 stranded people left Itanagar capital Complex

Itanagar- More than 1000 people including  patient, students, government servant, and other who were stranded in capital region  due to lockdown began to move back to their respective district, Said Capital Deputy Commissioner, Komkar Dulom.

Dulom inform that thousands of people visited capital for various reason, like meeting, official works which include March ending, financial matter, educational purpose were stranded in capital complex since  several weeks  and were also facing financial problems as well as lack of food items.

The  extension in lockdown have created untold suffering for them and they wanted to go back to their home in respective district.

Around 130 e-passes were issued to stranded patient while more than 3000 e-passes were issued to farmers, students, Govt servants  and others.  Dulom said.

Reportedly, more than One hundred stranded patient has left capital complex till April 24. Around 47 vehicle cross Cola Camp check gate with 101 passengers with e-passes issued by the government. Papum Pare SP said.

Around 900 people with 280 vehicle has left capital complex via Cola Camp checkgate in Doimukh circle today itself. SP informed.

SDPO (Rural) Deko Gumja said that however  the administration and government has issued e-passes but some vehicles are carrying more than permitted norms of e-passes and it was a very difficult situation for the security person and other officials there at checkgate not to allow them to travel as all of them are staying together in same home and are member of a same family of them few are children.

Meanwhile, capital SP Tumme Amo could not be contacted, however Amo in a whatsAap message said that “ All other District (other than ICC) may issue transit permits for above categories to move out from their District to respective district of work/homes etc via intrastate route,(not via Assam).


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