Arunachal : Not to mix religions with culture- Tapir Gao in Mopin Festival




State Bhartiya Janata Party, President, Tapir Gao has urged people not to mix religions with culture and stated that it is important to separate religious ideas from age old cultural practices.

“People follow religions, it is good but on pretext of it we shouldn’t let religions to overwhelm our age old belief, practices deep rooted in our culture,” Gao emphasized while urging all to take pride with their indigenous background.

Gao pointed out that the upliftment of one’s culture and traditions should be everyone’s top priority and it is  important to preserve the legacy left by our forerunners from extinction.

He was addressing the Pre- Mopin celebration-2018 here at Dree ground on Saturday which was organized by Capital Complex Collegian Mopin Celebration Committee (CCMCC).

Urging the young generation to shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy, Gao stated due to advent of modernization we are losing  our customs, traditions, and cultural expressions of our people today and asserted that this will continue to disappear if we don’t care for it.

He called for constantly promoting the culture& traditions and asked the elders of community to ensure that it is passed on from one generation to the next. He later advised the students to celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm, but asked them to give top priority to their studies as their examination is soon going to start from April.

 GWS, President, MItum Boje delivered speech on Culture and religion and laid emphasis upon importance of promoting and preserving rich culture heritage, Languages and tradition from onslaught of Modernization.

He said outside influences were eating deep into the social fabric of the society which now wiping away the rich cultural practices of the people and asked everyone to maintain a balance between when following Religion and culture.

Underscoring role of youth, Boje also called for shunning separate Pre-and post Mopin celebration in school, colleges etc and called for celebrating it at one place and at one time jointly together involving all.

Informing about the govt recent decision that fund sanctioned for festival celebration can be only availed through CBOs, Boje informed now funds for festival celebration can only given to those festival committee which are recognized by GWS. He however hinted that CCMCC will be funded by GWS form next year onward for such Celebration.

Dwelling on Mythology of Mopin celebration, Dr. Tejum Padu informed it was widely celebrated across Galo belts to bring wealth and bumper harvest including prosperity to the Gallong community and all human as whole.

Padu stressed upon need to engage and teach young generations about importance of cultural values to keep our age old traditions alive.

“It is the task of everyone to ensure our culture is preserved as we are its custodians for sustainable development of our community,” he pointed out.

Various cultural extravaganzas marked the first day of the day celebration which was followed by a community feast.


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