Arunachal: NBK calls for reconstruction of 6 KM stretch leftover portion of Komsing-Sissen PMGSY road

PASIGHAT- The Nugong Banggo Kebang (NBK) of Siang District which has been pressing on proper and timely construction of Komsing-Sissen PMGSY road due to the absence of motorable road before this project was sanctioned, has demanded for the early reconstruction of leftover/shortfall stretches of the road of about 6 KM out of 40 KM as sanctioned.

The NBK has stated that there are 6 KM shortfalls out of 40 km long PMGSY road in between Komsing (Kumku) to Sissen Village in Siang District and has appealed to the executing agency to reconstruct the remaining 6 KM stretch of the road immediately as per the original DPR.


Tanyong Taloh, General Secretary, NBK stated that, as per the actual DPR prepared by  the RWD, Kaying Division, the PMGSY road length from Komsing (Kumku) to Sissen Village is 40.35 km but the contractor has only constructed (formation cutting) 34 km.

In this regard, the department concern engineers and contractor were arrested by Special Investigation Cell (SIC) in connection with alleged anomalies registered with the SIC (Case No 01/2021, dated 03/02/2021 u/s 120 (B)/409/420/468/471 IPC 180 r/w 13(2) of the PC Act, 1988) and the matter has been sub-judiced.

Taloh further said that there has much apprehension about the reconstruction of the said road as per DPR by the contractor and the department. “However we will not be a mute spectator if the remaining 6 KM stretch of road is not reconstructed on time in between Komsing (Kumku) to Sissen Village. In the particular portion of the road, gradients are high and steep due to which that portion of the road is not motorable and executing agency need to direct the concerned contractor to make correction/reconstruction “, Taloh said today.


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