Arunachal: Minister urges public to discourage opium production and consumption

LONGDING-  Minister RWD and Science & Technology Honchun Ngandam urged public to discourage opium production and consumption for the betterment of the society. He was addressing the gathering in ‘Khamtang Program Celebration i.e.the Log Drum installation program held at Konnu Village under Pongchau Circle of Longding District.

Speaking at the occasion he appeals everyone to respect and preserve their culture, he said “culture is what gives us identity so we must make efforts to preserve it”.

During the program, the meaning, relevance and uses of Kham “the Log drum” was displayed in detail.

It is pertinent to mention here that “Kham” or Log drum is regarded as world’s largest musical instrument. It is carved out of huge wood or tree trunk is an exotic example of creativity and craftsmanship of Wancho people. Varying in size as much as 12 meters in length and 3 meter in circumference, log drums are an integral part of Wancho life. The figure of a typical log drum comprises of head, body and tail. Sometimes these are highly decorated with human and animal motifs.

Kham is a multifunctional object, with different style of rhythmic beating, the kham is an emergency bell, kham is an announcement during dying of male member(s), for construction of road and bridges, hunting, fishing etc. kham is also played for amusement during Lauden festival playing /beating of log drum without reason is restricted.

After the program he interacted with the people regarding various developmental issues; Then, he took on-foot tour of the entire village. He inspected Konnu Sub centre, Construction site of Community Hall and then he visited Secondary School. He said he will provide all necessary help for the betterment of the Konnu villagers.


The  Minister was accompanied by ZPM, HODs, PRI members and other officials.


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