Arunachal: Magong Banggo Students’ Union alleges irregularity in the water conservation project at Gueng and Diyung Lake

As per Koti Mize, President and Lenzing Mize, Speaker of MBSU, the department of WRD, Siang Division has done corruption in the entire execution of the project beginning from the tendering process.

RIGA/BOLENG  ( By- Maksam Tayeng )-  Magong Banggo Students’ Union (MBSU) of Siang district in a statement on Friday while making a ground inspection of the project site with the department officials has alleged huge irregularity and corruption in a water conservation project of Rs. 1.87 Cr at Gueng and Diyung lake of Riga village under Peging Bote EAC HQ of Siang district.

As per Koti Mize, President and Lenzing Mize, Speaker of MBSU, the department of WRD, Siang Division has done corruption in the entire execution of the project beginning from the tendering process. “After seeing the project execution as a kind of eyewash, we filed an RTI in the WRD office to get the details of the project, but it took several months to furnish the information.

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However, after getting the available information and as per the complaints of some labourers of the project, we requested the department officials for site inspection to see the ground reality of the project. On visiting the project site, we found several irregularities in the project execution like retaining wall, hut construction, water input channel etc. Out of Rs. 1.87 Cr funding, there is no work done of Rs. 40 Lakhs. The retaining wall in the lake outlet to stop flow-out of water is also an eye wash, it is made ordinarily that it breaks down on being touched”, said Koti Mize and Lenzin Mize in the presence of AE and JE WRD.

The student body has also alleged anomalies in the tendering of the project, wherein out of Rs. 1.87 Cr only 1.13 Cr tender was called by the department leaving a gap of Rs. 74 Lakhs. On being questioned of the missing amount as per the total sanctioned funds, the department has no genuine clarification. When asked for their clarification over the allegation of the student body, the WRD AE and JE said that, the location of the natural lakes on the top of the mountain covering slope and steep foot-walk of 3-4 KM makes the supply and transportation of materials like sands, gravels, cement etc difficult.

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“The location of the lakes on the mountain top of Riga village involves head load works, but we had advised the firm, the M/s 3N Enterprises of Boleng, to execute the work properly. The department had kept a certain amount of around Rs. 74 lakhs from the total funds out from the tendering process in order to meet up other unseen works”, said the AE, WRD. However, JE had said that all works were done well and even visiting officials from the ministry just after the completion of work had also appreciated the works.

However, one Tanu Tali from the Riga village, who had worked in the water conservation project as labourer also alleged non-payment of their pending bill till date. “We from Riga village along with many of our people had carried the cements and other materials on head-load upto the project sites even by purchasing water pipes by our own self contribution of Rs. 10,000 from each person. But we haven’t been paid the full amount till date. So, we strongly appeal to the state government to make a ground investigation of the project and all guilty officials be booked and arrested”, added Tanu Tali.

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Meanwhile, Magong Banggo Students’ Union has demanded for SIC inquiry into the project so that irregularity in the project execution could be corrected. “We request Chief Minister, Pema Khandu to interfere into the case and get the corruption in the project be investigated properly and guilty be arrested soon so that any developmental projects for the public are not misappropriated by any officials in near future”, said Lenzing Mize and Koti Mize from the student body.

It is important to mention here that Gueng and Diyung Lakes are located in the mountain top of Riga village where there is no road connectivity. The beautiful natural lakes of Gueng and Diyung are a natural source of water which could be developed as a tourist destination. However, due to deforestation in and around the area the lakes are seemingly drying up even during this monsoon season.


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