Arunachal: Longding police rescued Minor, who was allegedly Raped, Accused absconded

Police announce reward of Rs 20,000 for giving information of allege accused of molestation and rape.



Longding police rescued a minor girl resident of Niausa village, who was kidnapped on Tuesday night and allegedly raped. The accused is absconded,  police has announced a reward of 20 thousand rupees on him.

Top police officer for Longding district Police inform that the team launched search operation during the whole night along with villagers of  Niausa village but could not find. The search operation continued the next day too, even Mobile tracking devices were used by the police but the culprit kept changing location.

The Police team led by B.Tangjang Dy Sp Longding, Inspr. Phungam Josaham, RI (P) Longding, Inspr. O.Lego, O.C , P.S, Longding, S.I Jopha Wangsa, accompanied by other police personnel ( including lady staffs) of Longding Police and 1(one) column each from C- COY, 36th BN, CRPF and 19th Sikh regiment based at longding was able to rescued the victim from Mingtong Village on Thursday morning in presence executive Magistrate Ahua Wangsu, but could not locate the accused.  The entire operation was carried out under the close supervision of SP Longding BR Reddy.

The  marks of injuries were found on victim’s whole body.  She has been given medical treatment and later handed over to her relatives. The police sources said.

Dy. SP Longding inform that the girl first denied any wrong happening as she was evidently threatened not to disclose any detail. But after patient counseling and assurances that no harm would come to her she disclosed the horrifying details of what happened that fateful night.

Giving brief of the incident, Dy SP said that on Tuesday at around 6 PM in the evening the victim accompanied her friend was going to meet her phone friend who was accompanied by the main culprit.

The phone friend and the accused had come down to Niausa on pretext of celebrating phone friend’s birthday and both the victim and her friend met the phone friend and the allege accused at a place not so far away from village. He informed.

They spent around two hours together in a small hut meant for rest room in the agricultural field which is by a roadside. Victim friend and her phone friend left the hut to return back home as it was already very late hoping that the victim and allege accused would follow. But the allege accused instead started forcibly removing victim’s clothes as soon as her friend and phone friend exited the hut. Dy SP said.

Her clothes were completely torn. As per information the victim screamed for help. When the victim’s friend rushed to help, the culprit didn’t budge and kept on molesting her. The victim’s friend than hit the accused with a rock. The accused retaliated and beat her friend up, pull her down to the floor by the hairs. Her friend was severely blooded. Meanwhile the phone friend did not bother to intervene and remained a mute spectator. Dy. SP informed.

Victim’s friend somehow managed to run away and informed the villagers. Knowing that the Villagers could come anytime the culprit the dragged her (Victim) to jungle far way from village. bruise all over her body speak of it too. According to victim the phone friend left accused and victim alone and ran away. He said.

The victim was allegedly raped twice in the jungle as per the victim, he said. The next day victim wore the dress she found in a small hut of a crop field.

She was then taken to Longphong village when alleged accused relative informed him about the search operation. She was let off at Longphong only the next morning.

The Mingtong villagers brought the victim to Mingtong from Longphong and handed her over to police. He informed.

Victim also disclosed that the alleged accused Jewang was in constant touch over phone may be with relatives. Dy SP said.

There has been anguish among the villagers of Niausa and has decided to go for indefinite road blockage until the accused responsible in the incident is handed over, however I have been pursuing the matter with all village Chiefs and elders not to take law in the hands. Dy SP added.

Longding SP, BR Reddy inform that since the situation is bit tense in the area, Security arrangement has been beefed up so that no any law and order problem and untoward incident took place. However, the victim has been handed over to her relative after medical examination, SP added.

The accused is still at large and the Longding Police has announced a reward of Rs 20. 000/= for any information on the whereabouts of allegedly wanted in the case Nowli Wangsu and Jewang Wangsa.

All the civil societies of Longding have condemned the incident in strongest word, Longding district students union (LDSU) General Secretary Panjam Wangsu while condemning the incident also appealed the people of the two villages of Mingtong and Niausa not to communalise the issue which may disturb the peaceful coexistence of the two neighboring villages. He asked the district police to arrest the accused at the earliest and give him an exemplary punishment.


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