Arunachal: IGTAMSU FDP- Day 4, ‘Mentoring pedagogy and teaching for higher education’

ZIRO-   The eminent speakers of final day of FDP was welcome by Archana Singh, Secretary to Chancellor of IGTAMSU. The day was begin with by Prof.Dr. Shika Sharma ( education), BIT Merrut, who, spoke about “ ethical issues in the use of on line resources” she explained in very clear way about various search engine like google scholar, BASE semantic scholar, etc. she has also stated about ethical issues of teaching learning in Higher education . She has explained the 5R’s  concept and six types of certification.

The second key note speaker was Dr. Fr. Allwyn Mandoz , Prncipal of Saint claret college, Ziro who  has an remarkable speech on “Use of technology in teaching”. He clearly proved how technology has the potential to revolutionize the traditional teaching and learning process, how it can eliminate the barrier to educate imposed by space and time and dramatically expand access to life long learning. He has stated before us the advantage and disadvantages of virtual or online teaching.

In post lunch session a welcome speech was given by  Dr. Tage sepi, Assistant professor ( physiotherapy, IGTAMSU) and introduce  to Dr. Sanjib Kr. Das Assistant Prof. ( Amity University) Noida, UP. He deliver his speech on “Research and publication pedagogy”.

He has clearly explained types of journal article like original research, review article, case report etc. He explain the importance of genuine publication source like scopious, peer review etc. He also explained beautifully about running title concept . in short I can say that he has guided everyone how to write a perfect research paper and how to ignore research misconduct. He explained about the features of good manuscript and the possible reason of its rejection of article.

Mr. Prasant Roy assistant registrar – academics- : IGTASMU, has summarized the entire four day session and thanked to all the key note speakers and participants. He thanked the organizing committee and the management. He thanked for the media support. The entire FDP  have been organized in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Universities and Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment. Mr. Santosh Kr. Yadav has been cheered the entire session.



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